Hmm……… this is the second post. In the past few days since we started this blog, everyday Dear1 and I have been threatening to post on this blog everytime we have a small disagreement. But we never did. Haha….. So it makes me wonder, what is the mentality of bloggers who post all their thots on their blogs?? For me, I would gladly like to think loudly on this blog, for as a typical Venusian, Venusian always need to think aloud for us to reach conclusions. Many a times, the conclusion is so obvious, but Venusian always need others to make us realise that THAT is the simple conclusion. Poor Dear1 gotto always put up with my indecisiveness during the thinking process. *Sayang sayang*

Anyway, back to the original topic, do bloggers complain to no-one-in-particular on their blog?? I wonder. Anyway, I just hope dat Dear1 and Dear2 try to make this blog complainless, cos I dun want this to look like a venue to let out complains. Haha….. Dear2 always believe that good communication is a necessary ingredient in any good relationships, and good communication means sincerely voicing out what u think. Say what u mean and mean what u say. :) Cheerios.



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