Mars and Venus Lingo

Dear1 and Dear2 have bought a cosy 3-rm flat in Bukit Batok. Very excited to complete the renovations den we can move in enjoy our two-ful. Hee….. The walls have been hacked liao, floor tiles laid liao, and today the electricians are doing up the electricity works.

Renovation was the second major project dat Dear1 and Dear2 embarked together, the first one being our ROM preparations. The reno process is indeed tedious, and more often den not, Dear1 and Dear2 have small miscommunications over just small lingo miscomm. Like Dear1 like to say ‘white’ for an obviously beige-coloured laminate, and also lousily use ‘line’ to mean the electricity cables when he meant the ceiling fan ‘string’. Almost drive me nuts, man. Hee…..

Finally, Dear2 concluded that it’s just the differences in how Mars and Venus express themselves. While Venus like to verbalise what goes on in her world and mind as well, Mars generally are men of fewer words, resulting in the very concise terms that they use. So if next time Dear2 feel nutty??? abt what Dear1 is trying to say, gotto:

1) Stop, think and put it in context, or

2) Clarify by verbalising the ‘object’ that is causing her confusion. Obviously, gotto make Dear1 see what is it that is causing the confusion, else everything will be going in circles again.



One thought on “Mars and Venus Lingo

  1. Gee… just to add. ‘black’ usually means dark brown, unless i say ‘BLACK’. and the ceiling fan ‘string’ is called ‘pull chain’ now. ‘line’ still means electrical cables. gee…


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