Let’s complete the race together

3 more days, and Dear1 and Dear2 are going to take part in the Standard Chartered Half Marathon.  This is the first time that both Dear1 and Dear2 are attempting a marathon, and Dear2 has been feeling very nervous of late.  It’s the first time that Dear2 is going to run such a long distance, and I really wonder if my stamina can bring me to complete the 21km….  Luckily Dear2 have Dear1 to train with me, and to give each other support.  When tired, Dear2 can hardly talk, and very often, Dear1 will silently give Dear2 the support and assurance that he is always around with me.  With Dear1 around, I am not afraid to stretch myself in the run, for I know that Dear1 will be there to take care of me.  That’s the advantage for couples, to be able to do things and knowing that someone will be there to take care of you.  :)

For now, I just gotto train harder within the next few days, cos time is really running out, and my stamina can only bring me to 6km at max.

Btw, after this marathon,  Dear2 wants to learn Japanese from Dear1, so that we can both share a common interest again.  It’s really nice to share things together as a couple, which is evident from the nice times we had training for this maraton together.  Gambatte yo!!



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