Where is Dear1?

Hello, I’m here!


(hajimemashite, watashi wa Dear1 desu. douzo yorishiku onegaishimasu.)

As you can see, I’m learning Japanese at the moment. In fact, it’s my first formal Jap lesson. I’m having my Jap exam this afternoon. Hope I can do well and move on to the next level, Jap 2. You probably can guess that Dear1 is someone who like Japanese stuff and you can expect Categories like ‘Anime’, ‘Gunpla’, ‘J-Drama’, etc, to pop up every now and then on this blog.

Exams, you say? Yeah, that’s right. I’m a full time student right now and it is exam period once again. Busy busy busy, but I’ll be liberated on the 8 Dec. :D

Currently, I’m in charge of the presentation and layout of this blog. So any changes you see about the colour, the arrangement, the fonts, yadda yadda, is made by me. :) Not that Dear2 is not IT-savvy, just that I’m the currently appointed ‘Creative Director’ for our blog. ;) If you have any suggestions about the layout, feel free to drop me a comment k.

Now, about the reno issue, it’s really hard work. 大変ですよ!(taihen desu yo!) From the initial paper design, to sourcing of Interior Designer (ID), contractors, to material selection, perspective drawing, theming, now execution… wah… we’ve been through quite a bit. Surely got disagreement one! Bottomline is, we are 2 different ppl brought up in 2 different family background. Although we’re puffy*, there’re still bound to be differences in our thoughts and the way we micromanage details. So the key here is still… effective communication. When Dear2 says ‘Huh?’, it means she don’t understand. So it’s time to explain things in a different way, different language, different analogies to get the idea across. Repeating the same sentence in response to ‘Huh?’ is a sure way to piss Dear2 off. :X I guess this applies to most couples out there too. ;) Learn to accept that we are inherently 2 different persons, when you look at things this way, u’ll start to understand why is it that ur other half frequently seems to disagree with you.

*editor’s note: ‘puffy’ is short for ‘telepathy dears’. pathy->puffy.

I’ll try to upload the reno pics when I have more time on my hands. Now, back to mugging for exams. Busy busy busy…



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