21.1km in 2hr53min

Yup! It’s official. We ran back together, 21.1km in 2hr53min. Hooray!!! We did it! Good run, Dear2! I always knew you can do it. It’s a good 7mins within our 3hr target. Yeah yeah yeah! But I think my Dear2 can run even faster than that. Let’s take a short break then continue training for our next run. We’ll join a few more half marathons before challenging the Big one.

I think joining this marathon has really brought Dear1 and Dear2 closer together. We trained our discipline having to wake up extra early in the morning. I really enjoyed waking my dear up in the wee mornings, always bargaining for that 5-more-minutes. We spent alot of time together, quietly supporting each other, working towards the same goal. We did not talk while we run, but we feel each other beside, turn around and look out for each other, take turns to pace each other. Maybe this really is action speaks a thousand words. To all couples out there, try it, take a run together.



5 thoughts on “21.1km in 2hr53min

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