Of Shared Responsibilities

Yesterday, Dear1 and Dear2 went shopping for toilet and kitchen accesories in IMM, our favourite one-stop centre for all household equippage. We bought an EF hob and hood package for $418 and some toilet taps and shower heads, total amounting to $692. Wow, basic equippage of the house can be so costly. And we are still not done yet. Toilet mirror and accesories, ceiling fans, and whole house lightings still have to be bought. So we are going to Balesteir later today just to take a peek.

One thing that irks me from yesterday’s experience is that Dear1 is fond of letting Dear2 make the decision (for certain things). For instance, in the selection of cooker hob and hood, Dear2 will ask Dear1 for opinion, but Dear1 will just go ‘You decide lor’. Of course Dear2 will make the ultimate decision (in the case of cooker, cos I guess Dear2 will be the primary user and it makes sense for the primary user to decide), but Dear2 just wants to hear some input from Dear1. A burden that two people shares will surely feel lighter than just one person carrying it. So Dear1, let’s try to discuss any decisions together k.

Heehee…. Dear1 and Dear2 delegated some role titles in our twosome organization. Here goes:

CEO (Chief Executive Officer – First in Command) : Dear1

Secretary to CEO : Dear2

COO (Chief Operations Officer – Second in Command)) : Dear2

Financial Controller : Still sourcing – Dear1 or Dear2

Procurement : Dear1

Public Relations : Dear2

Heehee……. Dear2 feel that Dear1 should be the Financial Controller, cos Dear1 being a Martian, is more disciplined and determined mah. If Dear2 were to controll the purse strings, you can almost be certain of the following equation:

Dear2 (Rate of Expenditure) >> Dear1 (Rate of Expenditure)

Resulting in:

Dear2 (Rate of Savings) << Dear1 (Rate of Savings)

I hereby nominate Dear1 to be the Chief Financial Controller. Ok ok?? Hee………..



One thought on “Of Shared Responsibilities

  1. Haha… our organisation got so many designations. Ok, I accept the nomination of being the Chief Finance Director. And I also nominate Dear2 to be my Chief Accountant. Ok ok?? Gee…

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