Exams were over… yesterday

Finally.. can take a short break. Or at least that’s what I thought I could do after my last paper yesterday. But the sad fact of life is that work can engulf your precious rest time when it’s most needed. It so happens that my supervisor had signed me up for the Asian Game Developers Summit held 9-10 Dec at Orchard Hotel.

It was fun, having to hear from famous speakers in the gaming industry. We get to learn their ideas, philosophy, business models, etc. It was truly an eye-opener to me who have never attended such a business conference before. Seeing all these successful businessmen can be intimidating, especially when I’m just a student. But one thing that I’ve learnt from their talks was, software programmers or programmers in general are never going to make it big programming all their lives. The big winners and big money makers are the business people, those who knows how to produce a great product, a product that has high entertainment value, collectors’ value, mass appeal, one that will sell millions of copies worldwide. These are the guys that’s going to drive that Ferrari that you’ve been eyeing. The programmer, well.. just continues to be a salaried personnel. Of course, I’m not telling all programmers out there to quit their jobs and start being an entrepreneur. I think that it takes a great amount of inborn talent to possess that business flair, being able to take risk, see the potential in a product, have a sense of market trends, leverage on opportunities. And personally, I dun think that’s my cup of tea. Sure, I want to drive that Ferrari too, but I’ll rather earn it doing what I like to do.

It’s late at night now. Tomolo morning, I’ll be attending Day 2 of the AGDS 2006. More great talks from great people. I just abit tired out right now cos its just after my exams, if this event was 2 days later, I’d probably had benefitted more from it. The registration fee isn’t cheap, luckily I’m not paying. Oh.. did I mention they serve breakfast, lunch and teabreak. Free Flow Food tastes good! The poor student in me really appreciates it.



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