My Mitsubishi Fridge

It has been a few days since Dear2 post a blog. Dear2 has been feeling down recently, and it is only this evening that Dear2 becomes alive again.

Dear2 is now very excited by the refrigerator that Dear1 and Dear2 are going to purchase for our new home. Earlier, Dear1 and Dear2 took a fancy to this Mitsubishi Twin Series fridge MR-CU41S, a 3-door sleek-looking fridge that comes with an automatic ice-maker. Alas, the retail price of this fridge is $1,069, and even with a cheaper quote which we got through Asia Excel of IMM, it is still $806. Way above our budget. Hence Dear1 and Dear2 decide to lower our requirements and go for cheaper fridges. Mitsubishi fridges are known to be good quality in the refrigerator league, thus we surely wants to get a Mit. With our budget constraints, Dear1 and Dear2 wishes to get the Tiara Series MR-V45S with is a 3-door bulkier fridge, but still nice looking enough. The retail price in Courts and Best Denki is $899, with some vouchers thrown in. Still a bit on the high side.

Dear2 has a friend who has contacts to get electronic goods at distributor prices, hence Dear2 asked her friend to get a quote. Guess what?? The MR-V45S distributor price is $730 with a $50 Robinson voucher. Voila!! This is the thing that is making Dear2 so excited and happy today, for we can get a nice fridge at a more affordable price. Heehee!! And Dear1 is going back to Asia Excel to get a quote from them as well. FYI, Asia Excel is recommended by many forumers for their service, cos on top of selling toilet and kitchen accesories, they also assist their customers to get distributor prices for electronic items as well. Let’s see what Asia has to offer. Hopefully Asia can get a quote at a cheaper price then Dear2’s friend. Heehee!!

Dear2 wanted to blog about a game that she is playing these past 2 days, but looking at the length of the post now, we shall post it in tomorrow’s blog. So, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Diner Dash – Flo on the Go.

– Dear2


7 thoughts on “My Mitsubishi Fridge

  1. hi antonsj,
    U can get the quotation at Asia Excel @ IMM. U can find AE’s office number via internet yellowpages. :D
    Fyi, Best Denki is also giving $50 with this fridge until 31 Dec 06, so I’m guessing AE’s voucher promotion will also end on 31st. Get it fast. :D

  2. Thanks Thanks enquired with them
    but i will get from my neighbour shop, comparable prices and not so far at IMM
    the voucher comes from the distributor yup think promotion will end by end dec.
    cool…was googling the fridge model then hit your blog :)
    will read more into your blog when i have the time thanks again.


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  4. 1. james – 22 April, 2007[Edit]

    can i know where did you buy your fridge at $ 680?? can you email me to ? thanks first.

    Quoted from ‘About’ page. This is a more relevent place for this comment. Please read comments about to find out the source of the fridge. :)


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