Poor sales service rant

I’m adding on to what Dear2 posted about our toiletries shopping day. We had a difficult time finding something that we fancy and blends in with the overall theme of our toilet. Finally, we came across the design we liked at Hoe Kee at Jalan Besar. But we decided that we’ll get it from their branch at IMM instead since we’re meeting our designer there today too. And we did eventually get our stuff from their IMM branch.

What I want to add is that the particular salesperson who was attending to me over at IMM has really really poor service etiquette. First, he is not attentive to us, customers, but instead is busy chit chatting amongst the staff. It took me some time to actually get his attention. Second, he gave us the impression that we’ll get a small discount but we didn’t get any in the end. In fact, the cashier made it clear to us that they do not give any discounts. The salesperson then gave us the excuse that our purchase is not large enough to gain us a discount. Third, I think the salesperson treated us as second-class customers from the moment I told him that we’re only getting a few toilet accessories instead of any sinks/stoves/toilet bowls/basin, attend to us with the bo-chap attitude. To sum it up, I’ve a totally unhappy experience shopping at that place and I’ll not shop there again. When my ID did not recommend that shop, I didn’t know why, but now I experienced it first hand. Enuff said.

Some ppl may think I’m a fussy customer, I think not. I just expected some basic service courtesy and professionalism. End of rant.



One thought on “Poor sales service rant

  1. Yes, I totally agree with Dear1. Hoe Kee’s services sucks!! The prices are not the cheapest too, but no choice, Dear1 and Dear2 find some of their design nicer. But we are sure that we will not patronise Hoe Kee again.
    – Dear2

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