Diner Dash 2

Dear2 took 1 week to complete Diner Dash 1 and is now at level 30 of Diner Dash 2.  It seems that Diner Dash 2 is simpler and easier to play.  Up till now, there are no major difficult levels.  Probably Dear2 has learnt some tips from Dear1, that’s why the game seems so much easier now.  All through the 30 levels, I did not achieve Expert level only once, wherelse in Diner Dash 1, I hardly can complete some of the levels if not for Dear1′ s tips.

Generally, Dear2 prefers Diner Dash 1.  Let me list down why.  Up till now, Diner Dash 2:

– Do not have night levels.  Night levels make the game more challenging.

– Do not have change of clothes.  So boring and uninteresting.

– Has a weak story plot.  DD1 tells of an adventure; DD2 is always about redemning back the place.

– Setting is uglier.  All the different shops look alike.  And the menu is yuckier.  What soya beans for desert!?

– Has no improvement in characters.  I’ll expect to see more of different characters being introduced.

Perhaps Dear2 has a higher expectation of DD1, that’s why I find DD2 lacking.  Anyway, Dear2 still wants to complete DD2 and see how the game develops.  Hope DD2 is able to make me think a bit, as with DD1.  Level 50 of DD1 was really a brain teaser.

It has been raining the whole day for the past 3 days, and today both Dear1 and Dear2 are stuck in the house.  In our individual houses.  Sigh…. Reno works are slowing down, and our ID will not be able to hand the house over before Christmas.  We expect to have the place ready before Dear1’s birthday in mid Jan, but looking at things, think we should better target it before Dear2’s birthday in late Jan.   Don’t look forward, just 以平常心去看待, 这樣子会好过一点.  Hmm… Actually that should be the way of life, isn’t it?

– Dear2


2 thoughts on “Diner Dash 2

  1. Correction, Dear2. Flo on the Go is not the original Diner Dash 1. There is an original title call Diner Dash. Flo on the Go is more like Diner Dash 1.5, then comes Diner Dash 2. I also never play the original Diner Dash before, but I think should be more or less the same ba. Gee…

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