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Gee… Lately, Dear2 has been playing alot of Diner Dash. Actually, it was Dear1 who started playing the game first, but after I introduced it to Dear2, she completed it already!!! So fast! 速かったです!Since Diner Dash is the buzz between Dear1 and Dear2 these days, I must also blog something about it mah.

I’ve written a casual game on my own, about 6 yrs ago. It’s a text adventure created using ADRIFT toolkit. It was fairly well received and I even had a sequel planned for it. Keyword here is *planned*. Well… up till today, the long awaited sequel is still in production. :P

After playing Diner Dash, I have the urge to create my own game. Heh heh… Actually, I think most boys had thought about creating their own game at one point or another. Maybe I will create my game… if I can somehow blend it into my research topic, then I can create game and publish research paper at the same time. 一石二鸟, you could say?

Now, let me share some of my tips for playing Diner Dash. I’m still at level 21 of Flo on the Go while Dear2 has already completed the final level 50.

  1. I love the Podium. I cannot manage my crowd without the Podium. So, for levels without Podium, Good Luck! For levels with Podium, read tip #2. :D
  2. When you start any stage, immediate stand at the Podium. Dun even bother sitting ppl. Let the queue build up.
  3. When ur queue build up to the same number of seats u have, u may being sitting the guests. Remember to gain any seat colour bonus u can find.
  4. Now, the trick here is to earn as much chain combo bonus as possible becos chain combo is the only way u r going to get thru the higher levels. Here is the sequence: Take all orders at the same time, serve all food at the same time, serve all desserts at the same time, collect all receipts at the same time, clear all plates at the same time. Get it? To summarize, do all of a single action consecutively.
  5. Go and stand at the Podium whenever u have the time and make sure u max out the heart before leaving. Standing at the Podium is the only action that does not break ur combo chain, so feel free to go stand at the Podium any time. :D
  6. Insert serving drinks, taking photos and serving snacks in between one complete action chain to the next, NOT during an action chain, u dun want to break ur chain bonus.
  7. Go stand at the Podium.
  8. Receipt chains is the most lucrative. If u really have to break any chain combos, break any others except the receipt chain combo.
  9. Go stand at the Podium.
  10. Serve like minded guest together. Eg. cellphone addicts and familys. otakus and ah-peks.
  11. Go stand at the Podium.
  12. As long as u follow the above tips and stand at the Podium, reassure that ur queueing guest will remain happy and not run away. While standing at the Podium, start planning how u want to colour match ur next batch of guests.
  13. Do not be tempted to max out ur tables every time. Eg. If u have 4 tables, and ur queue list is 3 cellphone addicts and 1 otaku, u should sit the 3 cellphone addicts first and leave the otaku standing. Reasons, a. Otakus have high patience. b. If u sit the otaku, there’s a high chance that he’ll be unhappy with the noise and u have to serve him drinks very often, complicating ur task, and he might even run away.
  14. Know the characteristics of ur guest well, especially their patience level. Generally, tourists, lovers, otakus, ah-peks can wait quite long, so let them wait.

Luckily, most of the later stage all have Podium. Gee… Happy serving dinner!


Note: I am no longer actively replying to new comments on this post. Please search through the past comments and u should find ur answers there. Thanks. :)


161 thoughts on “Diner Dash Flo on the Go Tips

  1. Hi, for the benefit of others who need some tips for Level 50, think I’ll post them here. Based on Dear2’s experience, some points to note:
    – Stand at the podium as frequent as possible while you seat the people in batches
    – Seat color once colored, CANNOT be changed along the level
    – You cannot rotate the colors at the long table, thus better dun seat group of 3 colors or for that matter, dun seat groups that require rotation of color
    – Be careful where u seat those groups of yellow. U may wanna seat the yellows towards the end of the game at the untouched seats
    – Be careful of that pair of mothers with 2 kids. This is the only group that seems to be able to change the color of the seat. What I did was to seat them on the 2-seater table while the kids scream away.
    Happy serving.

    – Dear2

  2. Let me replay level 29…
    -As always, podium podium podium.
    -Try to acculmulate about 9-10 in the queue right of the start.
    -Sit the people in batch, the quiet batch and the noisy batch.
    -Quiet batch: tourist, seniors, bookworms, girls
    -Noisy batch: family, handphones, lovers
    -Earn as much colour seat bonus as u can.
    -Snack lobster bonus can be missed as their waiting time is short.
    -Ice-cream dessert bonus and receipt bonus is a must.
    -Do not take photos with tourist if it disrupts ur bonus chain.

    I think u can win this level by seat colour bonus alone. But try to max out all ur chain bonus for each batch of guests too.


  3. I am stuck on level 42, I have tried seating 1-3 at a time, and I am going to the podium as much as possible, everyone has full hearts, and still i can’t get to the 16000. HELP!!

  4. The same few rules of thumb applies:
    – Stand at the podium to keep the waiting customers happy.
    – Serve diners at the same time. For Taking Orders, Serving Dishes, Paying Bill, Collecting Dishes etc, do each activity at the same time, so that the first diners give you $10, second diner $20, third diner $40, fourth diner $80, fifth diner $160.
    – Try to earn the color seat bonus. It is not possible to have all diners at the correct color seat, but try to match the highest bonus seat with the right color diner.
    Follow these rules and it shouldn’t be difficult to score. Cheers.
    – Dear2

  5. Hi sam,

    The bonus levels are unlocked when u achieve ‘Expert’ scores for all levels in a particular restaurant. Eg, get Expert scores for levels 1 to 10 to unlock the first bonus level. get Expert scores for levels 21 to 30 to unlock the third bonus level. Hope this helps.


  6. If I remember correctly, at level 41, u have 4 hands right? Make use of all 4 hands to earn quick combos. Remember the receipt combo is the most lucrative. Dessert and snacks combos are good too but they can be a little harder to coordinate since they come randomly. So, grab the seat colour combos, make use of ur 4 hands and the tips above, u should do fine. :D


  7. hi i’m really stuck at lvl 43 i can’t get a score of 25.000 i always get 20.500 how can i beat this it is really hard and i tried every way but i just can’t beat it can someone help me ? contact me on my emailadress pcfreak_56@hotmail.com please help me

  8. Hi guys,

    level 31> u can only afford to lose 1 customer in this level, any more than that and u can’t get the expert level. stick to seat colour bonus for this one as crowd control is difficult without the podium. be willing to forgo receipt bonus than to lose a customer here.

    level 43> i can’t get expert level here either. :(


  9. vicky> did u follow my tips exactly? pls try this level again using my tips as it is a relatively simple level. there are a total of 18 customers and 6 tables, so u just need to serve in groups of 6 for 3 times and all the seat bonus, dessert bonus and receipt bonus should pile up quickly.


  10. This is how you get an EXPERT score on LEVEL 31:

    When the game starts go wait over by the drinks, you get 4 girls, 2 yappers and 2 tourists. seat the 2 tourists the second they arrive, then seat the 4 girls and give them drinks, then seat the yappers. Its important to seat and serve the slower people first, just use the order i list them in. Hopefully you can take a picture and boost the hearts of the tourists and then take all the orders, remember tourists, girls, then yappers. After you take the orders give the tourists drinks, pass out the food and give the yappers drinks. As soon as the yappers finish eating, seat the 6 bookworms in line.

    Give the all the checks and clear the dirty dishes, your 6 bookworms are already seated, now seat the 2 lovebirds, 2 women with babies and 2 girls. Get the girls drinks and take all the orders starting with bookworms and lovebirds. Get one table drinks, whoever has the least hearts, then pass out the food. Mop any spill and then give the checks and collect dirty dishes.

    Next you seat 4 bookworms and get them drinks, seat 2 tourists, 2 yappers and wait a few seconds for the 6 yappers to arrive and you can seat them to. Try to give the bookworms drinks a second time before you take all the orders. After you give them drinks the first time go stand at the drink station to wait for them to be ready. Take all the orders, give drinks again and you’ll probably have to give them to 2 yappers, then pass out the food. Give drinks again to either bookworms or tourists, whoever needs them more and then give the checks and collect dirty dishes.

    Next seat 6 girls, a family and 2 yappers. Get the family drinks and take all the orders, give drinks to the girls and pass out food. Give drinks to the yappers and mop any spill. give the checks and clear dirty dishes. Then for the last round you can seat 3 old men, 2 bookworms, 2 lovebirds, and 2 girls. Do the same routine as the last round and give the drinks where they are most needed. If you can make it through to the end of round three you should be able to make it. Round three will be the sticking point with the 4 bookworms, 2 tourists, 2 yappers and 6 yappers. Remember when its time to give checks you don’t have to do the slow people first, just give the checks when they are ready for them. That will get the yappers out of there so they don’t keep annoying your bookworms while they finish eating. Good luck!

  11. Nance,

    Thanks for the really detailed walkthrough for Expert score for Level 31. It’s really great. I had to let one of my handphone chatters go in the queue since they’re really causing too much problems. I’ll try out your walkthrough to get a higher score! :D


  12. No problem, I should have said I actually found it somewhere else online because I couldn’t get expert for the life of me on this level. I saw a few people on this site had asked about it but no one had answered, and then I found that walkthrough somewhere else, tried it, and it worked, I got expert! So I figured I’d pass it along here lol.

  13. Hi I was wondering if you could help me with level 30. I am sooo stuck! I’ve been on it for the last 3 days. I keep getting caught with having to seat noisy people near quiet people at times and people keep leaving! I’ve called for help at the podium, music and the drink guy. There’s also one that clears off tables. But I don’t know which one works best. I don’t know the best combination that I can do with the level as the highest score I’ve gotten was just over 9,000 and I need at least 11,000. It’s hard to keep serving drinks, food, shrimp, icecream and give them cheques and clearing off the tables. I’ve found it too hard to make a large chain as people have been getting mad and leaving while they’re waiting. Please can you help me!!!! Thank you in advance.

  14. Hi there, Amanda. I just got home, haven’t even had time to load up my Flo on the Go and u r already on to level 44. Guess that means u r getting more skillful in crowd management. :D


  15. For those of you people who need tips for Diner Dash:Flo On the Go….I have some:
    1.Try sitting AT LEAST 4 parties of people (Or how much you can handle) instead of having all of the tables full.
    2.Use the PODIUM as much as you can.
    3.If you have that telephone, call that lady that talks at the podium for you so that you don’t have to go to it that much.
    4.Make sure you seat the people that are more IMPATIENT and/or FAST, like seating those cellphone addicts before the grandparents or the bookworms.
    5.Use the drinks more frequently too.

  16. Hi heaven,

    I know lvl 43 is quite tough. Just remember that u have 4 hands in this level so that should really help u with chain bonuses. The seat colour bonus is really impt. It pays more to match 1 customer to a 3x seat colour than to match 2 customers to a 1x seat colour each. Serve drinks in between combos to keep everyone happy. In case u need a more step-by-step guide, I’m including this excerpt quoted from another website:
    Level 43

    * One good thing about this level is that you don’t have to go so fast. For each round you will seat your tables, give one table drinks and pass out any snacks. When all the menus have been put down, take all the orders, give drinks to one table and go to the podium to make people happy. Pass out all the food and again give drinks to one table and pass out snacks. When everyone is finished, give out the checks and then go to the podium to make people happy. Go clear the dirty dishes and then go back to the podium again to make people happy. After, you can seat the next round. You will only seat bookworms and seniors together and business women and cell phone addicts together. You’ll notice that on the rounds with the bookworms and seniors, I did not just seat the next customers in line. Instead, I took some from the back of the line, some from the middle. The reason I did that was to generate color bonuses. If you need to stop and think for a minute, you can click pause and still see the line of customers.

    * So when the game starts go to the podium and wait, for the first round you have 6 tables to seat and the customers that come are 6 seniors, 4 seniors, 5 bookworms, 2 seniors, 4 bookworms, and 6 seniors. When the last 6 seniors arrive start seating.

    * Round 2: You have 3 tables, 2 groups of 4 business women and 2 cell phone addicts. You won’t see the cell phone addicts until you seat the business women, you may even have to wait a bit for them.

    * Round 3: Seat 4 tables, 2 seniors, 2 groups of 6 seniors, and 4 bookworms.

    * Round 4: You have 4 tables, 3 groups of 6 seniors and 1 bookworm.

    * Round 5: You have 2 groups of 6 business women, 4 business women, and 6 cell phone addicts. For the sixth round you have 4 tables, 2 groups of 6 bookworms, 4 seniors, and 4 bookworms. Then for the last round, you have 3 tables, you have 2 groups of 4 bookworms and 4 seniors. Be sure to make good use of color bonuses.

    FoXyGrAmPa21> nice tips. :)



  17. I dunno if I’ve mentioned this before but, all of you should have realized that the customers queueing at ur restaurant at each level is fixed, and that includes their colour combinations as well. Therefore, an possible way of solving a difficult level is to play through the level once first, and copy down the exact queueing order of all customers, including their colours. After this, u can plan on paper how to sit the customers in each serving round to maximize profits before executing ur plan in the actual game. It really works. :D


  18. Hi Dear1. I need some help. I am stuck on level 30 and cannot get past it without people leaving from the tables or the line. Even if I call for help. This is the hardest level so far as I have been playing it for 3 days!! lol. I read your above tips and they are great!! Thank you so much. I find it so hard to to take the time to stand at the podium while I am serving everyone. I can’t figure out what i am doing wrong. Thanks so much for reading this and your help.:) anita

  19. Hi Dear1. I need some help. I can’t get expert scored on level 21 and 31. I been trying for one week now. My highest scored in 21 is 7375. I wish we can get a podium in this level. The same with level 31. Is there any secret i can use to get expert scored on these two levels. Thank you so much for your help.

  20. anita> Level 30 can be completed by following all the tips above. Remember to keep standing at the podium. Initially, wait for the crowd to build up first and aim to sit about 8 tables per batch. Start with sitting the noisy batch first since they’re more impatient. Passing the level should be within grasp, if u r going for expert score then u may need to plan for seat colour carefully. Still, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    Satyanand Anant> Level 21 doesn’t have a podium, so no podium trick here. Anyway, I replayed the level and manage to pass it with 2 lost tables. To get expert score, u can only afford at most 1 lost table. The trick here is still to sit batches of 5 customers but no need to wait for ‘similar’ ppl since we dun have a podium nor drinks. The key is to serve everyone fast, especially when taking their orders. If take their orders the moment they raise their hands, the happiness will increase. And for level 31, pls refer to comments above.


  21. Hi Jo,

    I think bonus levels are just for added challenge, I dun think there’s any special rewards for completing bonus levels. And level 30 has been answered in one of the comments above, pls read thru them. Have fun playing the game.


  22. I am stuck on lvl 31. I tried doing what was written above but the customers kept leaving. Is there an easier way to do it? I don’t care about getting expert or anything I just want to get through the darn lvl. Please help!

  23. I’m going crazy! I’m stuck on level 46 and can’t reach 34 000 , I’m seating everybody (not losing any customers), and keep them happy with drinks, appetizers, etc. Is there something I’m not thinking of? Any specific order to seating customers? I would REALLY appreciate the help!! Thanks!!


  24. i am stuck on level 46! i am going crazy! all hearts are full an i don’t know what else to do! plz help! thank you

  25. Hi Duke, lessangels,

    I think there are fixed colour seating positions for level 46 right? That’s good news isn’t it? That means ur seat combo is guaranteed! Now, u just need to work on grouping the right customers into batches to minimize conflict. Then, max out ur chain combos with ur 4 hands. Remember, the podium doesn’t break ur chain, u can stand at the podium in the middle of a combo chain. Read my tips again, and keep trying. :D


  26. Muchacha> Have fun! That’s what gaming is all about. :D

    Rae> After reading my tips in the main post, u should read thru all the comments as well. Some good tips and exchanges are given here too.


  27. Hi LIBRA, after replaying Level 25, I find absolutely no hidden traps nor difficulties. U dun even have to deal with the cellphone addicts. Main troublemakers are families and lovers but they’re both very patient. Just follow all the tips posted above. Expert score is no problem for this level.


  28. Has anyone done Level 43 on the Expert Level? The closest I’ve got is 29,550, you need 30,000 to get expert. It’s so frustrating. I’ve done the color matching, running back and forth to the podium, making chains, but I just can’t get it. It’s the only level I need to get expert on all secret levels. Any ideas? Thanks.

  29. LittleBritain> I think there’s a detailed comment on level 43, please read from above.

    helpmeplease> There’s also some tips for level 41 mentioned in a comment above, please read.

    Happy serving! Keep it up!


  30. halo, i seem to have a problem at level 18, i can’t get through this level. i have tried ur advices but it doesn’t work. pls help. carlah

  31. Hi there carlah, level 18 have been discussed before in an earlier comment, please take a look. After replaying, I find level 18 quite straightforward so there isn’t really any more tips I can think of. Just keep trying and grab ur seat bonus. :D


  32. I am totally stuck on level 40 and i was wondering if you had any tips and tricks for it….i can’t seem to get through it!

  33. hy dear1dear2, thanks for the tip but i have suceeded level 18, now i’m at 42 and im stuck. i have tried the tips above but nothing.
    pls help.

  34. Mo> Hi there. Level 40 is one of the lesser asked levels, so maybe I’ll just add some generally tips here. Try to keep ur customers happy, 4 hearts and above, at all times. And this means standing at the podium longer to build up everyones hearts before seating them. And also serving drinks in between combo chains to increase the happiness of the least happy table. The reason for this is that, the happier they are, the more likely they’ll order snacks and desserts, which give u additional income and not to mention additional combo chains too! :D

    carlah> Wow! U r fast, at level 42 already! Must be pretty skilled by now, ya? Level 42 is also discussed earlier, try search for “42” on this page, it’s in one of the comments. Remember ur four hands! Keep it going, u’r almost there. :D


  35. thank u dear1 but no luck, i’m making 14300 tops. what’s the catch. everyone is happy, i didn’t loose a table and still no luck.

  36. i am totally stuck on level 44. there are just so many groups of 6 and i have only 2 6-seater tables? can any diner dash maestro care to share some valuable advice?? thanks!!

  37. hallo, its me again stuck on level 42. i have followed all ur tips and nothing.


  38. I’m really sorry beacuse I am asking again about level 18. I am so stucked:( You all are so good but i just can’t move from that level:S Dear1, I saw you said Vicky and Carlah, who had same questions that you had allready discused that problem. the thing is that i can’t find a disscusion^^. can you give me a link?? thanks a lot and sorry for my english. tc you all

  39. Has anyone got any tips for level 20, matching outfits to matching chairs? Once I’ve sitted the first lots of tables i can’t match the next lot up?

  40. hi everyone im stuck at level 18 everytime i put everyone at their tables and serve them food,snack, and drinks. nothing works. none ruuns away but i cant seem to make enough money. the highest i’ve made is about 9882. i need serious hep i play it everyday hoping i’d when but no luck. if you know any tips for diner dash two level 31 that would also be helpful. please anyone help me. thanks for your time.

  41. Hi everyone, i am stuck at level 46 and can’t seem to pass it no matter i what i do, i am doing everything right and i end up with 31000, i only need 3000 more to complete the game, i dont want expert, just to pass it, i’ve been on this game for a month…p.s help me

  42. hi every i duno even no what flippin level im on. all i no is im on the last task of the second resturant, i duno what im doing wrong, iv tried ‘DEARS’ taticts but doesnt seem to helping. can anyone help me, or at least tell me what level im on cheers. xx

  43. I’m here to reply some of the queries on the game.

    level 18> quite a number of people asking about this level. I’ve just replayed it and found it relatively simple, by following the tips I’ve outline in this post. More specifically, go to the podium at the beginning of the game. Do not serve any one, just stand there. Now, wait for 5 mins, meanwhile u grab a cookie from the kitchen or something, but just stand at the podium for 5 mins. Ur queue should build up but there’s no cause for alarm. After this, serve the bookworms first. Serve 6 groups of bookworms, u should have no problem with matching the seat colour bonus. Next, serve 6 noisy people, a mixture of families and lovebirds, add some tourist to make it 6. Next, the remaining mixture of bookworms and young girls. I manage to get 16540. Expert is 14000. Hope this helps.

    who to call for help?> As I emphasize the podium strategy here, I tend to call the podium guy for help. :P

    level 20> This is the stage where u can’t change the seat colour once someone sat in it. The trick is to not waste repeated colour combinations on multiple tables. Example, from the start, u get 2 groups of young girls, both 2 blue and 2 green. Sit only one group and leave the other group to the next batch and sit them back in the same table that the first batch sat in. This way, u won’t waste tables. Also, note that u can make use of families to move some of the coloured seats. Once u move a cradle to the family table, the seat colour gets adjusted depending on where the baby sits. Explore and see if it helps in matching some difficult colours.


  44. i m calling that first guy on the list ( seems to be a waiter ) on the phone on lvl 19, tho i cant manage to get him to work.. any tips about that? thanx

  45. dear1, Thank you for the comments. I made it with help from all your responses!! All the way through as expert and unlocked the secret games. With all the notes to the ‘chains’, I completely missed the clean the table chain. I hit expert without it, with exception to level 12 and 21. For all those that deliver the check and clean the table with one double click – stop it. Deliver all the checks first, then clear all the tables for more bonus points. See step 4 above, I still can’t believe I missed it! Happy Playing.

  46. Playtime> I’m glad that my tips came in useful for u. :D

    Level 23> Same as before, wait at the podium for 5 mins at the start of the game. U will realise that this stage only have 4 families, the rest are old man and tourist which are compatible with each other. So the trick is, sit only the 4 families, serve them. Then sit the rest in batches of 6. That’s it. Have fun!


  47. Your strategy is twofold: match colors where possible and keep the CHAIN going. Meaning, let the crowd build up, seat them, and – in one fell swoop – take all the orders in one motion; deliver all the food in one motion; deliver all appetizers and/or desserts in one motion. You can go stand at the podium anytime to keep the waiting crowd happy, but other than the podium, don’t break the chain!

  48. I am stuck on level 46 and feel I’ve done everything except know the exact grouping of people to sit at the tables. Someone please help me pass this level. it’s driving me crazy and my family.
    Thanks Miska

  49. Hi Lynne, dun think I can help u out there, maybe u’ll have better luck searching directly for tips on the original Diner Dash.

    Hi Miska, level 46 was discussed before in the comments here, please read above. Happy serving! :D


  50. hi maybe you can help me? i cant get expert on level 12 i ALWAYS fall short…i’ve got expert in nearly every other level, but level 12 has me struggling! pls help me :)

  51. Help!!! I am stuck on 42. All of my hearts have been red, haven’t lost any customers. I keep getting over 15000 but no higher. Getting very frustrated.

  52. Hi,

    I really have no secret tips for level 42, it’s all summarized in my main post. You can also read through some of the earlier discussions on level 42 in the comments above. Cheers!


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  54. Looking back at some of the comments here, it seems like at least 2 players, Playtime and Starr, have problems with level 12. I managed to get 8465 for this level where expert score is 8000. Here’s some tips.

    Just sit the people in the order that they arrive, 4 tables per batch and 2 tables for the last customers. They must be seated in the order of arrival becos there’s no podium to keep them happy in this level. Some customers may fall to half a heart, but you should have just enuff time to seat them. Once seated, they gain 1 to 1.5 hearts. If there isn’t enuff time to spin the customers around to gain the seat bonus, it ok, better than lose a customer. After they are seated, make sure you take their order *immediately* when they raise their hand. This is becos take orders quickly can also gain 1 to 1.5 hearts. With these bonus hearts, your customers should be able to withstand some delays in serving food and some noise from the crying babies.

    Good luck.


  55. Hi!
    I need help on level 42– i do all the color coding and stand @ the podium, but ialways end up 100 or 200 points short!
    Help me please!!

  56. i still cannot get pass level 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am gettting crazy!! it’s just so difficult dear1dear2.. :( how? i did as u said…i wish u can record it for me to play!!!

  57. How can i get pass level 31 ? i’m stuck in this lever for a several days, there’re no podium, there’re no drinks. The customers always leave. Please me me…Thank you in advance

  58. please help, I am stuck on Level 46 only because the colours on the tables do not match the diners. I have some diners that cant be seated as their is no colour match for them on the tables. please please help

  59. Hello, I’ve been stuck on level 42 for weeks now and I’m starting to get frustrated. I usually don’t give up but I’m starting to not like diner dash anymore because I’m not going anywhere. I tried everything that I can possibly think of and I’m reading all the comments but none of them are making any sense. Can you please help me?

  60. i’m stuck on level 18 although no customers run away and i serve all the drinks and desserts. what should i do? it seems i’m not the only one stuck there!

  61. hi,

    please help me,
    i am stuck at level 17, i followed ur tips but i just cant get to R8800? what am i doing wrong, also there is no desert & ice cream in diner dash 2?

  62. @Everybody stuck at level 42: I got the expert score after following the tricks on the main post, and also by sitting people in groups of 5 all the time, even if you have to sit the cellphone-addicts next to some other people. Just make sure the cellphone-addicts sit in the left-most table to avoid bothering too many others.

  63. I am stuck at level 20 ! Can you help?
    Can you tell me what I do detaliled through?

    [czy ktos moze powiedziec mi co mam robic po kolei?]]

  64. still stuck on level 43 can’t get past it i guess i’ll just stop playing now and how many levels does flo on the go have

  65. /sigh. Can’t get expert on lvl 42! I’ve tried everything, including the seating of all 5 booths! I always get stuck with 1 group at the end of the lvl that seems to throw the whole seating 5 tables away. My highest score is 19850. What am I missing?? Everyone is happy as well and I get the max points possible from each table. Just is odd :(. Can anyone help? A detailed walk through would be fabulous!!! Thanks :).

  66. PLEAAAAAASE can someone help me!! can’t get much more than 17 000 for level 45 and i need 20 000 to make expert – seriously stuck!!


  68. Please help? I am stuck on level 31 I have tried all tips here and customers leave all the time, bookworms leave tables cos of cellphone addicts but if I dont seat them together they leave queue instead. please please

  69. please cud you give me a detailed plan on what to do on level 30 ….?? i hav tried all the tips abpve an still havnt passed it xxhelp pleasexx

  70. Someone please help! DinerDash: Flo on the Go level 20 is killing me. You know, seating same color? I can’t beat it. And it’s KILLING ME. Email me or post it here cause i need some help so bad. please.

  71. Hi, i’m new a this but you two seem to be very skilled at this. So here goes.

    I’ve flown from level 18-35 today, but now i’m stuck on level 35. I’ve tried all of your above tips, but none seem to work,

    Help please ??

    Please & Thank you.

  72. Hi guys,

    Glad that you guys are having fun with Flo on the Go. I’m also happy to see that many of you have passed a difficult stage using the tips on this page. Keep playing & have fun! :D


  73. Hi!! I am stuck on Level 43 of Flo on the Go. The highest I have gotten is just a bit over 20,000. I am following as many of the tips you have given but just cannot seem to pass this amount. Any suggestions you might be able to give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!

  74. Hi Sharon! Well… I’ve actually stopped answering questions on Flo on the Go. Many of the requests have already been discussed. If you read through the comments again, you’ll find a detail walkthrough for level 43. Cheers!


  75. Ohhhh_ so sorry. I did not know. Thank you for answering anyway. Will try to find them again and read them again. I have gotten a bit over 24,000-so I am getting closer. Have a blessed day!!!!

  76. can somebody help get an expert goal on flo on the go level 41. help someone out there. i can’t take it anymore.

  77. I have been stuck on Level 46 for 2 months. All is color cordinated with the seats and there is no where to put the 2 moms with babies.
    Help Please…
    Do I need to start the entire game back over from Level 1 to unlock some hidden secret?

  78. Danggggg…. there are 70 levels TOTAL??? Sheeze, i am only on level 18… it seems to really bug me cuz i have been stuck on that level for almost 2 weeks.. i’ll try the advice with the podium thingy…. Cya! ^>~

  79. Thanks Dear1Dear2,ur tips helped me get past level 46 and finish the game! Yippee!!! Actually abandoned it for a year cos of level 46. Thanks again. :-)

  80. I am stuck on level 34 dd3 I have tried and tried to beat it and stil having problems getting the customers to stay happy and mop up water Is there a walk through for us ?

  81. Pingback: Flag counter in sidebar « Dear1 Dear2

    • Hi CiCi,

      I just replayed level 28. You should stand at the podium from the start until you get at least 7 guests. Afterwards, sit the guests in batches of 7, and remember to get all your seat bonus, dessert bonus and receipt bonus. And stand at the podium long enough (this could mean 2-3 minutes) to replenish all guests’ hearts before starting a new batch of guests. I lost 4 customers and still managed to get Expert Score. Hope this helps.


  82. I am currently on level 46 and have been for 2 mos. now.I used to only get like the highest 278,000 but ive gotten as far as 319,000
    i’ve tried the seating and everything, please help

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