DeathNote 2

As mentioned, Dear1 and Dear2 watched DeathNote2 yesterday evening. The story was converted from a Japanese anime, with some modifications to part of its storyline. Not bad sia. Frankly, though Dear1 is an anime fanatic, Dear2 prefers to watch real human in action. There, you can see how the actors and actresses pit their acting/ fighting/ dancing/ skills against each other to bring you a touching movie. Anyway, Dear2 is watching DeathNote the anime too, just to see what is the difference between the original anime storyline and modified movie plot.

Let’s talk about DeathNote2. Personally, DN2 is better done. Not that the production team is better or what, cos I believe that DN1 and DN2 were filmed concurrently. DN2 is better as there are more twists to the plot; it really leaves you gripping your seat througout the show as you really don’t know what will the ending be like; will Kira prevail or will Kira perish? But than again, you really have to watch DN1 first than will you appreciate DN2 cos it is actually one movie. Quite an interesting way to split a very long movie, screen the sequeal very close to the first so that viewers do remember what was left hanging. How much do you remember of the sequeal that came exactly one year later of the first? And the third sequeal that came one more year later? The story being one of Fantasy makes the memory even more blurred and confusing. Haha.

One interesting thing that Dear2 noticed in DN2 was that, apparantly, the actresses tend to reveal a bit too much leg in some scenes. Dunno whether was it deliberate or not, the hemline of the skirts seem to be unnatually too high when the actresses is sprawled on the sofa reading notes or just seated comfortably in the car. Not to mention the innocent poise of the ultra short skirts. Is it a culure of the Japanese urm adult entertainment industry??

Waiting for Dear1 to pass me the next few episodes of DeathNote the anime. Of course, gotta wait for my laptop to be back.

– Dear2


2 thoughts on “DeathNote 2

  1. Gee… I think the leg scenes are delibrate one lah. Almost every female actress in this movie shows off her legs in at least 1 scene. In anime terms, this is called fanservice. “Fanservice is vaguely defined as visual elements in a story that is unnecessary to a storyline but designed to amuse or excite the audience.” Definition quoted from wikipedia.

    This being said, there isn’t much fanservice in Death Note 1. Could this mean that DN1 and DN2 are not film continuously? Hmm… maybe a light search on the internet could give us the answer.


  2. Oh ya, I forgot to update on the Eng Wah $50 voucher. It comes in the form of a stored value card, really is $50 for 10 $6.50 tickets. That means you can only use it for the $6.50 shows, specifically Mon to Wed shows. No sneak previews or top-ups on movie tickets are allowed. Still, $5 for a movie ticket is worth it. Good good!

    As for the Eng Wah friends, it’s $3 per lifetime member. Allows you to earn points, 10 for every $1 spent, though it cannot be used when you purchase the $50 stored value card. 700 points will earn you a popcorn combo. Note that the points will expire in 2 years.

    So, the conclusion is, the $50 stored value card is a steal ya!! Go grab one.

    – Dear2

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