Dear2 is a regular reader of the Straits Times, for Dear2 believes that it is essential to keep oneself updated on current affairs, especially local news.  One of Dear2’s favourite section will be the ST forum; while the articles in all the other sections are written by employees, the articles presented in ST forum come from the public and many a times, they are written by common people like you and I.  Who else to better raise any social issue, consumer issue, political issue, medical issue etc than the people on the ground.  The views posted by the public are most immediate and first hand 

However, as one plough through the Forum pages littered by the numerous small articles, mostly of complaints and whines, you start to become irritated. It seems that the favourite concluding line for some articles is “Can the local authorities do something about it?”  Yes, I agree that there is this pressing issue at hand, and the kind public has taken the effort to alert the other readers and authorities about the problem.  It is indeed commendable that someone actually make the effort to voice out their opinion, considering that we are so often known to be people who ‘mind your own business’.  But what puzzles Dear2 greatly is, why don’t the writer feedback directly to the relevant authorities instead?

Dear2 always believe that feedback and communication is very important in human to human relationships.  Even so more important when it comes to the people or organization we value, because we want them to improve for the better.  But of course, human being human, many a times we have our own philosophies of doing certain things, thus the feedback may fall on deaf ears.  But who knows, maybe your feedback may come exactly at a time when the party concerned is contemplating change or improvement?  Your feedback will then become the greatest advice for him or her.

Anyway, my point is that, the Forum seems to be misused.  Or maybe people know that the media is precisely an all powerful weapon to use?  Smart smart.  But while you whield your sword freely, I still hope that I am able to  sieve out the really important messages among the litters of articles on the Forum page. 



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