Aussino and Ikea

Oh no, Dear1 and Dear2 finally decide to get the Aussino quilt cover set. We got 2 sets of the Sino quilt cover sets that comprise of 1 King quilt cover and 2 pillow sheets, each set costing $119.90. 2 sets makes $178.85. Wah, so expensive! But the sheets are really nice and comfy, the blue and brown matches our build-in wardrobe, and the material are pretty soft to the touch, The cotton satten set has 370TC while the faux suede set has 260TC. 2nd item at 50% discount, it is really a steal ya! Dear1 even contemplate of getting another bedsheet set at $79.90 and get an almost equivalent price quilt which cost $89 to maximise the 50% offer, but we realise that there was a price increase in the quilt from 1 Jan 2007. The original price of the quilt was only $69, so not worth it to get it 6 days later today.

Dear1 and Dear2 also went Ikea @ Bukit Merah shopping yesterday. We manage to find some value for money study tables, kitchen table and a much hard-sought-after coffee table. Basically, we are going to use the same table for the kitchen and study table, but just use a different color and different legs for the 2 sets of tables. We will be getting the table top from the Galant series. Apparantly there are differences when it comes to using wood, the Solid Birch and Solid Beech are real solid wood with Birch of a slightly higher strength. Particleboard means the the wood is made from wastewood, probably treated and compacted prior. Birch Veneer/ Effect will mean that a top layer Solid Birch is pasted over a Particleboard layer. The Gallant series makes use of Particle board, but it feels pretty solid as compared to some other wood, and has a 10 year warranty. I wonder how lasting it really is, but for the time being, at least it looks and feel solid enough. Most important thing of course will be the value for money.

Since our house it not ready yet, we will be going down to Tampines Ikea some other time to purchase all the things we want. We will need to drive down as the furniture pieces are all too bulky for us to carry back. Looking forward to the day of final completion of the renovation.

– Dear2


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