Enjoying each other’s company

This morning is a lazy Sunday morning. Dear1 set alarm clock for 8.30am but we ended up lazing in bed until 9.30am. Overslept again… Grr… So we woke up, wash up and get ready for the repeat telecast of Project SuperStar 2 on Channel U. After the show ended at 11am, we went back to lie on the bed and relax. We played some music (chinese pop) and just chit chat with each other. Before we knew, it was already 1pm.

Lying in bed, listening to music we both are familiar with and chit chatting with Dear2 is such a simple and wonderful way to spend time with each other. Singing to the music, discussing the latest gossips, talking about which furniture to get, staring into the HDB ceiling, such is the mood. Sometimes, I really crack my head thinking of things to do together. What can a couple do together here in Singapore? Window shopping? Catch a movie? Karaoke? Play pool? LAN gaming? Bowling? Board games at Minds’ Cafe? Eat out at a restaurant? Hmm… We’ve done all these before, some of them many many times over.

So what are the activities that a couple that have been together for some time do? Well… the answer is quite simple. Stay at home, make urself comfortable and enjoy each other’s company. I think the one activity that I can never get bored of is talking with Dear2. We talk about anything under the sun. We discuss current affairs, social issues, entertainment news. But in the end, I just got to know my dear a little bit better. I listen to Dear2’s take on an issue and understand the perspective that she is coming from. We bicker alot, but it stays at just bickering. I feel that with each discussion, our ideas, our viewpoints and our wavelengths become closer to each other’s. No two individuals will be complete alike but two people can develop 默契 and this comes with continous communication with each other. Every day, I discover some new about Dear2. I want to understand my dear even better. I like to talk with Dear2.

Sometimes when u look at a couple, dun u begin to think that they look compatible? In fact, this dun only apply to lovers, it happens among good friends as well. The reason why people start to look compatible together is not because of their looks, but more because of their body language. It’s their taste, their dress sense, their gestures, which questions they response to, how they response, how they raise their eyebrows at the same remark, how they laugh. And these come from acculmulated communication with each other. When Dear1 and Dear2 talk, we exert a certain amount of influence on each other with our opinions and ideas. If the opposite party start to see logic in ur argument, they will start to adopt ur school of though and hence strengthen the bond between. Imagine two persons at opposite ends of a long rope. As each one pulls the rope, the distance between them gets shortened. And when they are sufficiently close enough, that’s when u start to see their compatibility and their 默契.

So let me suggest a good activity for couples. Stay home, sit back in ur cosy corner, play some music, and just chit chat. Enjoy each other’s company. I know I do.



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