Of Goals and Plans

It always warms Dear2’s heart to remember that Dear1 and Dear2 ROMed and bought a flat at the age of 25 right after Dear1’s graduation. 

Dear1 and Dear2 have been together for 8 years before we finally signed on the dotted line in Aug 06. We started dating in JC1, and after that, Dear1 went into enlistment while Dear2 started her Degree course.  Dear1 and Dear2 knew we were meant for each other, thus we also started building up our assets even while we were still schooling.  While the typical Singaporean spends it all on a luxury item or two, Dear1 and Dear2 will save up the Progress Package and Economic Restructuring Shares that the government gave in the past years.  Though it wasn’t much, but at least we were that a little bit better off than other couples who don’t start saving at all. 

There were impulses when Dear1 and Dear2 wish to tie the knot before Dear1 graduates (remember, Dear1 and Dear2 being of the same age, means that Dear2 will start work 2 years ahead of Dear1), but it is the focus that brings us through eventually. I have no doubt that Dear1 can surely cope with studies and marriage life, but tying the knot only after graduation also means that the parents will not worry that studies and family life will compromise each other.

With the ROM ceremony over, and the house-and-renovation project underway now, we will have other plans for the Actual Day and wedding stuff.   For the time being, let’s just focus on equipping the house.  There’s a time for everything.  And while we await for that moment’s arrival, it always pays to start stashing cash away for just-anything.  Be prudent in spending!!!  No more comfy quilt covers, we’ll need to get essentials first things first.

– Dear2


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