Buying 4D from Singapore Pools

Since our WIS Ordeal on 31 July 06, Dear1 and Dear2 have been buying 4D from SingaporePools. Why? Becos we met a friendly auntie while queuing up for the house list that day.

The auntie is perhaps in her fifties since her children has already grown up. She is 1 space ahead of us in the queue. There’s also another uncle that’s 1 space behind us in the queue, but then… erm… let’s just say we can’t clique with that uncle lah. So in order to pass time, we began chatting with the auntie. Auntie is very nice and she told us about what happened in the queue a few months ago. Apparently, auntie has been queuing for about 3-4 months but still couldn’t find a house she likes. In one of the earlier months, there was actually a fight over a dispute of who’s the number 1 person in the queue. Anyway, chit chatting with auntie really makes the queuing time seem much shorter.

So, when we told her we’re getting married and we’re both 25, auntie became very excited. Hehe… I think it’s becos she didn’t expect young people like us to be tying the knot so young. We went on to talk about how Dear1 and Dear2 come to know each other, how we got to know each other in school and so on… It’s at this moment that another ah-ma who is one space in front of auntie got into the conversation. Ah-ma too is very excited that Dear1 and Dear2 are getting married and applying for a HDB flat together. I think auntie must have ‘see’ us as her children, and ah-ma ‘see’ us as her grandchildren. Haha… I think the elders just enjoy talking with ah-boy and ah-girl like us who are similar to their own children’s age.

Suddenly, ah-ma start taking out a piece of paper. Then ah-ma started asking in dialect, “When are u getting married?” “August”, we replied. “How old are u?” “25.” “What day is ur birthday?” …Hmm… something is amiss here. But auntie seem to be on the same wavelength as ah-ma and the probing continues. So the numbers on ah-ma’s piece of paper grew, including that day’s date, it grew to seven numbers. Hmm… Then the auntie stood up and volunteered to go and buy the numbers for ah-ma, no doubt she’ll be buying a set for herself as well. Oh.. I see.. they are going to buy Toto lah. Hahaha… so it appears that we’re considered lucky people getting married soon and they wanted a share of our bliss. I wonder if they won that day?

When auntie got back, she started talking to us about buying Toto and 4D, saying that marriage is a prosperous occasion and our luck is very good. Auntie bought the numbers on her ROM cert and she struck one of the top 3 prize in 4D, so she encourage us to do the same. Here’s what she recommended. ROM cert has 6 digits, say 123456. Auntie say we should buy the first 4 and last 4 digits without permutations, that is, 1234 and 3456. We decided that we should have a go at it and here’s what we did.

Our ROM cert number is in the form of 112234, so we bought 1122 and 2234. We bought just a simple $1 Big and $1 Small for 3 draws a week, so that costs $12 a week for us. After a few draws, we felt that $12 a week is pretty heavy cost incurred for us, so we decided to buy one 1 number instead. Should it be 1122 or 2234 then? Since digits 1 and 2 were repeated, we decided to drop the repeated number and go for 1234 instead. This will cost $6 a week and we did that for several weeks. Hmm… we didn’t win anything and $6 a week still seems like a big expense, so we decided to drop the $1 Small and just stick to $1 Big that will cost $3 a week. And this went on… until we met our renovation designer. Haha…

Our ID says that it’s auspicious to buy 4D using our unit number once the reno started! Haha… By now, I’ve come to realize that buying 4D and Toto really is a national past-time for Singaporeans. Even Dear1 and Dear2 is regularly buying 4D nowadays. No wonder Singapore Pools make big money. Apparently, Chinese people sees auspicious inspirations everywhere in life and betting $1 on a stroke of good luck sounds like a fair enough deal. Currently, Dear1 and Dear2 is buying 4D using our unit number. It helps that we have a Singapore Pools betting station just opposite our block. :D Dear1 and Dear2 will be persistent in buying our unit number every week until we win something! Nothing is worst than the winning number appearing immediately after we stopped buying. Grr… So yes, we will keep buying until we win something. Even though the eventual winnings may not cover our expenses over the weeks and months, but at least Dear1 and Dear2 enjoys a slice of life indulging in Singapore’s favourite past-time.

As the saying goes, 小赌怡情. A small bet on chance adds flavour and excitement to life.



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