Internet in the House

Singnet recently launched a 3-in-1 telco plan which comprise of broadband, mobile phone and fixed line. Just in time for Dear1 and Dear2 as we are considering the telco setup in our new house recently as well.

As new age people, Dear2 don’t see why we need a fixed line in the house; nobody ever calls your house to look for you nowadays, the chances of getting the person is much higher on his mobile phone. But the problem is that we’ll need a fixed line in the house for internet purposes. I wouldn’t want to have to go to McDonald’s everytime I wanna use internet.

So as Dear1 and Dear2 are considering the options, Singnet launches this mio plan. Dear2 came to know about this on the papers, and I brought this up to Dear1. ‘Dear1, you know got this Singnet plan, blah blah, Starhub also their cable plan, blah blah.’ Somehow Dear1 interprets that Dear2 is more for for the Singnet plan, BUT, Dear2 only wishes to INFORM Dear1 of the option. Dear1, you are the Chief IT Consultant, you make the decision k. Haha. Dear1 is IT savvy, Dear2 is IT idiot, whose judgement call do you think is more reliable??

There is an article on the 10 Jan 07 Straits Times which compares some of the features of the Singnet mio and Starhub bundle. Do read through it to have a more ‘professional’ view on the 2 plans, rather than listen to the amatuer Dear2.

– Dear2


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