First piece of furniture in the house

I’ve just uploaded the photos taken last Sat. Yes! U can see it in the photo, our Mitsubishi fridge is here! Yeah…! We ordered the Mitsubishi MR-V45S from a friend who has a contact with a electronics seller who can give us a better price. I think Dear2 has mentioned here that the retail price at Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman, etc is around $899 with some retail vouchers thrown in. After deductions, it’s usually about $760-$780 (SGD) in cash. We got it at $730 with a $50 voucher, so that makes it $680! Sweet deal ya? Gee…

We got the silver edition one. There are 3 colours, champagne, silver and stainless steel. The stainless steel version is about $100 more expensive, the other 2 costs the same. The silver version of the fridge has a kind of glittering effect but only on the front doors, the sides at just plain metal colour. From the photos, u can roughly guess the placement of our fridge but that means the side will be exposed to the living room. Hence, we’ll be decorating the side of the fridge, the current idea is to use it as a notice board. So probably, we’ll have some magnets there to hold up some notes and some whiteboard markers and erasers so we can write directly on the side of the fridge. More ideas to come later.

Yes, it’s a 3-door fridge, and it’s much taller than we expected. I thot it would be as tall as Dear2, but turns out that it’s taller. In fact, it may even be a little taller than myself. Woah… It’s slightly on the larger side for 2 people living in the house. Luckily, we didn’t build a fridge base, otherwise the fridge will really be towering over us. But then, without a flat fridge base, the fridge revealed the sloping nature of our kitchen floor. Kitchen is meant to be a wet area, hence the tilers lay the tiles in a slightly sloped manner so that the water can flow into the outlet below the stove. With the fridge against a wall, we can estimate the slope on the floor based on the increasing gap from the wall. Small matter that, I’m just so happy that our furniture is coming in.

Painting touch up has already began on Sat, which means that things are marching into the final stages, the 收尾 stage (I hope the Chinese term is correct). Now we’re left with installing of glass works, touch up window grills, touch up carpentry, drill holes for storeroom shelves, inspection of leaking walls and a final acid wash. Next furnitures to come in will be the sofa and bed, very soon. :D



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