Wrapping Flowers for your Valentine

Dear2 likes pink roses. Frankly, Dear2 is not a flower person, and Dear2 totally cannot understand how some girls love flowers that much and expect their boyfriend/ husband to send them a bouquet every Valentine’s Day, especially when the same stalk of flower costs at least 200% more than on a non-Valentine’s Day. If I really have to pick my favorite flower, then that will have to be pink roses, cos their brilliant sweet can lighten up a person’s spirits. That’s why Dear1 and Dear2 chose a bouquet of pink roses for our ROM.

A hand bouquet of flowers suitable for a ROM function will cost at least $100. Wow!! That sounds expensive, considering that 1 stalk of rose only cost less than $1.00, and adding up the cost of other materials like ribbons, a self made hand bouquet will not cost more than $35. So that was exactly what Dear1 and Dear2 did; we wrapped our own ROM hand bouquet.

Research gotto be done prior to the wrapping, cos neither Dear1 nor Dear2 has much flowery sense. For optimum freshness, the flowers should be collected either on the actual day itself, or earliest, the day before. Keep the flowers refrigerated until time for wrapping, again to preserve the freshness of the flowers. It is amazing how flowers can deterioriate that quickly under our ambient temperature.

Now comes the wrapping stage. The stalks got to be trimmed away of the leaves and thorns, ends cut at a slant angle, and left in water for a while for its final drink of water. Select the nicest flowers to form the centre bouquet as these stalks will be the most prominant of all. Place one stalk in the centre and surround it with 6 others. This is the centre bunch. With that, insert in the other stalks one by one, going around in a circle until you reach the desired size. Tada, that’s your hand bouquet. Rubber band up the stalks at at least 2 sections, then wrap in the tissue wrap and ribbons. You have a beautiful bouquet.

Of course, that was the main idea on hand bouquet wrapping. Dear2 thought it sounded easy based on the instructions, but boy, how wrong was it, as the actual wrapping required more than a pair of hands. Luckily I had Dear1 and his one more pair of hands to help keep the bunch of flowers in place.

A few more points to take note:

– Trim the stalks to the desired length when the bunch is firmly secured (with bands)

– If you requires 20 flowers, than it makes sense to order 25, cos there will be stalks that are not so pretty to be part of a bouquet. Our hand bouquet consists of about 20 stalks.

– It also makes sense to color coordinate the bouquet with your dress code

– Opps, forgot to mention that gotto wrap the ends of the stalks in water-soaked cotton. Remember to water proof this end cos you wouldn’t want water dripping from your bouquet.

Flowers really do deterioriate rather quickly outside moisture and cool temperature, so try to keep it moisturised by spraying water sparingly (dun dampen the tissue wrap!) and keeping it upright. One side of our bouquet turned rot at the end of the day, cos it was left lying on the table for too long.

Happy wrapping flowers for your Valentine this coming February. :)

Disclaimer: Dear2 gotto admit that Dear1 and Dear2 did have some flair for flower wrapping. Or was it our 默契 that we didn’t made a disaster on our important day? Heehee… To play safe, I’ll suggest some trial and error first. Haha..

– Dear2


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