12 Storms in a Year

It is that period of the month again, when Dear2 gets irritated easily. You know what I am talking about – the period of time when girls get irritated even at the slightest irritation lor.

As much as Dear2 wants to deny it, it happens anyway. Things can seem very calm on most days, like having clear blue skies, cool breezes and coconut trees swaying to the wind breeze, very 风平浪静,then just as suddenly, the volcano erupts and tempers flare high easily. It is than that Dear2 and (after a short while) Dear1 knows that the red dot is approaching again. Suddenly, you get irritated at the slightest thing, and suddenly you lose motivation in everything and just wanna pinge on food. Luckily this only lasts a few days.

Guys term this PMS, and I seriously suspect it has got a much stronger (maybe despise) connotation. This PMS is not something that we girls can control. It is bad enough when we hardly have control over our mood swings and often regret for the blatant remarks, which under normal circumstances, we would have tried so hard to use nicer words instead. We really have nothing personal against anyone, and we really don’t mean to hurt you, just that emotions become harder to contain.

The storm is over for the time being, (haha, remember why Dear2 did not post on 20 Jan?) and get ready to brace yourself for the next storm (and the next storm and the next storm. FYI, there should be on an average 12 storms in a year. Haha). Don’t worry, I’ll try to restraint more control, provided that the post that I painstakingly typed don’t blank out on me again.

– Dear2


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