Walk Walk Walk ah Walk

Since Primary School days, Dear2 will walk 5 minutes to reach to her school which is right next to her place.  Her Secondary School was 2 bus stops away, and it took a leisure morning stroll to reach school.  Junior College was further, 3 bus stops down the opposite direction of the road, and Dear2 still continued to walk to school.   University wasn’t so lucky, cos with both NUS and NTU located very faaaar from home, public transport was undoubtedly the normal choice to get to university.  And now, when the MRT station is 4 bus stops away, Dear2 still continues to walk.  A fast pace will take minimum 15 minutes while a normal pace takes about 20.

Dear2 likes to walk.  Can you imagine anyone walking from Boat Quay all the way down to Bugis?  Or from The Concourse to Jalan Besar? Mind you, still wearing her 1.5″ thick heels.  That’s me.  Heehee!

The benefits of walking are many folds, first of all is obviously dollars saved in transport cost.  The 20 minute walk from MRT to home saves $0.40 per trip = $0.80 per day = $4.00 per week = $20.00 per month.  Wow, that’s 20% reduction for a typical $100 on monthly transport costs.  Secondly, and also very obviously, is exercise.  All that 40 min per day of walking really is good exercise, especially so crucial and precious now when Dear2 has not done ANY exercise after the December Marathon.  Oh shacks!  Anyway, you really don’t have to specially allocate time or get ready any sporting cum bathing equipment or try so hard to find sport-inclined khakis for this exercise, you just have to use a bit of that calf muscles and start walking to the train station!  It’s just as simple as that. And while you transport yourself home, immerse in the beautiful evening and enjoy it.

So, slap on the usual SPF15, get ready to open the umbrella when the sun shines hot, be prepared to wear out the soles more quickly and……… enjoy the walk.  Hee, I just remembered that when we just started dating, Dear1 and Dear2 used to talk long walks from my house to his house and his house to my house, 11 bus stops away.  We talked a lot, and developed from there.

If you want a pair of slender calves, and a blooming relationship, than WALK.

– Dear2


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