Dear2 always like to experience the culture of other places, so small wonder that Dear2 always rares to go on a tour. One of Dear1 and Dear2’s fondest memories of touring (amongst our very limited number of excursions altogether) will be Malacca. We visited the place sometime in end 2005, and took lots of photos then. The weather then and there must have been very good, cos most of the pictures turned out brilliant and natural. Nice nice.

The planning procedure was pretty straight forward. Dear1 and Dear2 popped down to Boon Lay Shopping Centre one day, compared all the Malacca packages from Gunung Raya, Grassland, Seiki, Consortian etc and took the best plan which happens to be from our favourite tour agency Consortian as well. The 3D2N package comprise simply of 2 way coach trip and a hotel stay, and we made sure that the boarding was from Boon Lay (Westerners will find it a chore to travel to Golden Mile in the wee hours of morning for boarding) and that return was via the Second Link so that we can hop down at Tang Dynasty instead of having to go to Golden Mile again, then return to our Jurong homes.

In Malacca, Dear1 and Dear2 spent the first half of the day sight seeing at a Half Day Tour. Definitely not a wrong choice, with the tour guide bringing us to the various historical places of interest of Malacca and the interesting illustrations making the trip more informative rather than just another shopping trip. Without the tour guide’s recommendation, we will also have a hard time deciding which is the best chicken rice balls in town. Comparing with the supposedly infamous Famosa chicken rice balls ourselves, we confirmed that the local’s tastebuds is indeed accurate.

Plying the streets up and down multiple times at different hours of the day, Dear1 and Dear2 realised that gosh, the morning, afternoon and night food scences of Malacca can be so very different. Food review articles tell of where to locate the yummy Malacca flavours, but they did not mention that the particular food will only be there at certain times of the day. Yummy barbeque pork rice is there in the morning, but blink, it’s not around in the night. Yummy chicken rice is there in the noon, but you’ve better come early cos by around 5pm, the shop will be closing for the day. And the famous Satay Julop is only locat-able after nightfall.

Apart from eating what the locals eat, how can one miss out on shopping what the locals shop? Watching movies seem to be very popular with the locals, and you have better booked your tickets online the day before, else be prepared to join in the snake long queue for your tickets. Remember to buy Kids Ticket if you have a kid in tow, cos apparantly there are different ticket prices for the various classes.

Malacca can be so enjoyable, or for that matter, any tour or holiday can be very fun. Yes, Dear2 knows that there should be no more tours in the near future. *sniff* Hey, let’s plan to go to Bukit Batok, how’s that? Heehee…

– Dear2


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