Don’t Give Up

I seriously admire those who can turn from rolly-polly to decent-looking. 

Man live to eat.  Man eat to live.  Whatever it is, we cannot turn away from this necessary ingredient of life – food.  Anyone knows very well how that involuntary snacking at night, that delicious looking chocolate cake, that sumptous just-cannot-stop-eating buffet or that 暴饮暴食 will materialise into bodily fats.  So Dear2 really salutes those people who can use sheer determination (or abstinence) to work hard to convert those bulging weights into nothing.   (I got this inspiration from one of the Amercian Idol’s contestant who really trained hard to shed all her extra flabs to turn into Beautiful Body.  Admirable.)

Like many things in life, if you want to achieve something, you need to work for it.  Dear2 feels that maintaining positivism is very much the same.  Making yourself feel buoyant despite that idiotic painter’s lousy paint job, the coordinator’s over a month delay and the obasan’s daily irritation requires extreme hard effort.  It feels like a daily struggle, to have to chase the negative wolves out of the head everyday while stretching your door as wide as possible so that any passing positive wolves are welcomed to enter.  Some days you did it, but on other days, the positive wolves just become so hard to invite in.  What a constant battle….

Nevertheless, 加油 everyone.  And all the best.  What is more worthy is that you leave no regrets in whatever you do.

– Dear2


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