Valentine Day’s gift

Valentine Day is round the corner again. I’m sure many guys are out there searching for the perfect gift right now. Luckily, Dear1 and Dear2 dun really celebrate Valentine Day. We choose to adopt the philosophy that everyday is a Valentine Day with each other around. But of course, the actual day is still something special. So let’s talk about gifts.

One thing I dislike about Valentine Day gifts is their uselessness. Many gift shops will start selling alot of decorative items that, well, can only be used for decoration. And they tend to mark up the prices during this period. To me, these type of gifts are really impractical. And I think some of the shop actually repackage leftover Christmas gifts and sell them as Valentine gifts. Yucks. However, if both of u like such nice-to-look-at gifts, one good way is to buy next year’s gifts in year to save some cost. Normally, prices will be slashed on the 15 Feb, so u can buy the next year’s gift on that day. It’s still pretty, but much cheaper.

Many girls like to receive flowers on Valentine Day. But alas… Prices of flower go up like 200% just before the actual day. So again, if the girl doesn’t mind, u can give her the flowers on the 15 Feb instead to really save up alot of money that can be used to eat out on a nice meal instead. Another possible way is to wrap ur own flowers, by Dear2. I also bought flowers for Dear2 on V-Day before, back when I was in army, I needed to be in camp on the actual day. I scheduled the 12 stalks of pink roses to be delivered to Dear2’s house at 6.30pm after work so Dear2 can have a surprise receiving it. But the delivery man was early and Dear2 wasn’t home, so Dear2’s mummy received on her behalf. Nevertheless, I think Dear2 still got a pleasant surprise when she found a bouquet of flowers can her desk when she got home. :D

This year’s Valentine Day, I thought about getting a practical gift for Dear2. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s Martians in general, but I prefer practical gifts such as a bag, belt, watch, wallet, something that isn’t a white elephant. So I suggested getting a 2.5″ 80GB portable harddisk for Dear2. Hahaha… I think this will go down as the most unromantic gift ever. I have to think of something else, maybe some couple use items that we can use in our new home.

For ladies, I think it’s even easier to get a Valentine Day gift for ur guy. A nice self prepared homecook dinner will do the job very well. Of course, dun prepare white rice, 1 vege, 1 stir fried pork and 1 chicken soup lah. Something a little more romantic. Perhaps u can even try to recreate the mood and feel of ur favourite restaurant, but at the comfort of ur home. Alternatively, some homemade cookies, cakes or chocolate will also be a very heartwarming gift, maybe some mushy love shaped cookies.

I think couples celebrating Valentine Day is about celebrate their love for each other, not showing off how rich they each are. There’s no need for an expensive gift to show ur love for each other, rather, a gift that touches the heart speaks a thousand words.



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