Journey to the National Library

When I was little, cousin WQ will bring me and my brother to Jurong East National Library.  We’ll take a bus to Lakeside MRT and then transfer MRT to Jurong East.  The library trip then proceeded with visits to 7-eleven for slurpees and shopping.  The excursion was more fun and play than educational.

When I was in Primary School, somehow I entered the Reluctant Readers Program, where a higher Primary student will read to a lower Primary student who is weak in the language.  Of course, I was the reader, not the listener. 

Probably it was the influence of all these library experiences, from Nancy Drew to Christopher Pike to John Saul to non-novels, that made Dear2 seek sanctuary in libraries even at this age.  The library is full of knowledge – romantic novels, horrific bio-scientific stories, recipes for chinese food, japanese food, chocolate pastries and what-food-have-you, cross stitch motifs, origami samples………  People say the library is a sea of knowledge.  Seriously, they are not kidding.   And since things from the sea are free, same goes for all these knowledge treasures (99% anyway). 

Recently, Dear2’s favourites sections of the National Library will be the Magazines and Self Development shelves.  It was from the collection of Home and Decor, Home Style and other magazines that Dear1 and Dear2 got our design concepts, for and against.  It wasn’t easy to say ‘I don’t want a dark-colored themed house’ without showing Dear1 in picture what is considered ‘dark’.  As for the Self Development section, spending one afternoon speed reading 100 Ways To Be Happy and The Art of Public Speaking can almost instantly bring you from trough to peak again.  These books offers third/ fourth/ fifth…. perspectives from outside your box, which most often than not, we do know of these theories deep inside our hearts but which we choose to turn blind to in reality.  It is a good form of wake up call.

Dear2 was very surprised when Dear1 picked up reading the Wheel of Time series.  Dear1 was never a reader, cos Dear1 prefers to watch anime.  Today, Dear1 has already completed Book 11 of the series, his progression limited by how fast the author finish writing the last book.  Dear2 was so impressed by Dear1’s perseverance and addiction that I picked up the series myself.  Just completed Book 5, I have 6,7,8,9,10,11 more to go.  6 x 3 weeks = 4 months, provided that I do at least 50 pages per day (1000 page divide by 3 weeks), that sounds like real hard work.  Heehee.

I guess it’s time that I visit the libray again, for Book 6 Lord of Chaos and some motivational reads.

– Dear2


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