The Singapore Map

I received a Singapore Map from Dear1 as a present on one of my birthdays.  Spanning approximately 1.2 by 0.6m, it has been sitting at the head of my bed since then. Some people may find it totally unromantic – a Singapore Map as a birthday gift!?  But for Dear1 and Dear2, it was one the most useful gifts that we can ever have.

Dear1 is one who finds sentimental value in the gifts he receives.  Thus Dear1 will keep almost all of the presents that he receives from Dear2 and his sister.  So one can imagine the amount of stuff that Dear1 keeps piling while desperately trying to find space to stuff this present, that gift.  And from the 8+ years of dating, Dear1 and Dear2 have also accumulated a substantial amount of little notes, small gifts, cards, souvenirs etc.  Dear2 has grown from 1 box of souvenirs to 3 boxes now; Dear1 is recently complaining of a too-small movie ticket box as the number of tickets keep increasing. 

A Singapore Map is something that Dear2 has always wanted, but find it stupid to purchase for myself.  With the Map, Dear2 becomes fascinated by the intricate road and train network of Singapore,  AYE joins to CTE, PIE joins to KJE etc; and is amazed by the agglomeration of towns on the Eastern and Central part of Singapore.  No wonder most of our friends stays in the East while there are not many Westerners around.  The Map also comes in handy while we were sourcing for our flat – Woodlands is pretty North, but at least well connected by big roads; Sembawang is a no-no, there is exactly the MacRitchie-Pierce-Seletar catchment area in between that to our Jurong homes; Tampines is on the exact opposite of the island to our Jurong homes as well. 

The Map also serves as a handy guide to daily getting around.  Dear1 and Dear2 will be going down to Ikea at Tampines today to get our coffe table and dining table.  The Map provides a quick overview of the route we can take to reach East from West, while the online Street Directory then complements with the zoom in details on the specific road directions.  How I wish I can fold up my Map and bring it out with me. With that, there will be no need for a transport guide or Street Directory. Haha.

May we have a fruitful shopping trip today. 

– Dear2


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