Reno delays and New furniture for our home

As u may have noticed, the photos of our renovations works is updated, finally. Truth is, there’s been a lot of delays by our contractor. This is especially evident after the first round carpentry is done. We had thot the house is ready for hand over any time, who knows… the touchup takes forever to complete. The painter who hasn’t done a good job the first time round, take so long to come down the second time, and still didn’t do a good job and requires a third visit. So now, forget it, Dear1 and Dear2 will do the painting ourselves.

The other major delay is the glass works. From the photos, u can see the glass panels and door are all up, but that’s only after the third visit. First time, they only installed the glass panel, I dunno why. Second time, they got the wrong measurements and couldn’t install the door and the kitchen backsplash. Third time, which was last Saturday, we finally see our glass.

Anyway, we’ve gotten fedup with all these delays and we’ve decided to start cleaning the house and moving our furnitures in while their touchup is still ongoing. Truth to speak, the workers are only there about once a week to do the touchups. Actually, we were very satisfied with the renovator, the carpentry and tiling worksmanship is good. The pace was good in the beginning too. So maybe it’s our bad luck that we’re renovating our house this close to Chinese New Year when the whole Singapore seems to be also renovating their house and workers are so busy they even have to work on Sundays. So the delays may not entirely be the fault of our ID, then again, delay is delay and we as customers have to minus some points for making us wait so long.

So, we bought a study table from Ikea, the Galant 120 by 80cm black brown table with T-legs. And, we’re using it as a dining table. Wuahahaha… That’s becos Dear1 and Dear2 both dislike the usual 4 legged dining tables and we wanted a single legged one like those u see in restaurants. But alas, those are expensive by design. So we settled for a 2 legged study desk and we bought a matching Zen dining bench to compliment it. Of course, the Zen bench is not from Ikea, it’s from IMM. YES! IMM again, the one-stop renovation needs hub. Once we assembled the table then will post up pics again.

Next, we bought a 26″ LG 26LC2R from Best Denki from u know where – IMM. We went to quite a number of places to get a quotation for this tv. Courts going at $1099, Audio House at $999, Asia Excel at $965 and finally we got Best Denki at $949, all include GST. We cashed and carried becos Best is going to charge $20 for delivery. In addition, we paid using the Capital Mall card and got about $20 cash rebate. Haha… good deal! We had actually wanted to buy the slim fit 29″ LG 29FS4RLX from Mustafa for around $450, but then we realized our positioning of the sofa and the tv console doesn’t really leave much viewing distance. So for practical reasons, we gotta spend about twice the price to get the slimmer LCD tv, so heartache. But we did get it at a reasonable deal, that’s most important.
More furnitures to be coming in soon. Stay tuned. :D



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