The Hospital 2

There are a total of 39 episodes on the Taiwanese drama series, The Hospital, and Dear2 has just crossed the halfway mark.

The series started with a very exciting weave of battles, between life and death, between organizational politics and between the good and evil of human nature. It was a very unusual way to begin a seemingly all too familiar intra-hospital affairs, of battling life and death admidst the love-hate relationships between the star doctors and nurses. A good thing that the Taiwanese script writers have more originality and creativity as compared to our local producers.

One thing however is, probably Dear2 is not too used to the relatively slow pace of the drama. Nope, not exactly slow, except that Dear2 has kinda lost track of time in the drama world, when the first patient to be admitted to the hospital on the first episode was finally discharged in somewhere about the 15th episode. How much time has past, equivalent to the same amount of time this poor patient was subjected to torment? I lost count of the days.

The most amazing thing about the drama is that it really pays great respect and admiration to the professional healthcare workers. In the drama world, how often has the seemingly undefeatable hero succumb to the vices after an exciting twist and turn of the plot? That is what a medicore script writer will write. But in The Hospital, no matter how exciting the plot seems to be, no matter how much rivalry there are, the professional doctor always abide by his duty, never to compromise with the patient’s interests. My salutations to all doctors, as well as the script writers, to maintain this noble integrity of our doctors, not in exchange for an exciting plot (and ratings).

Half down, another half to go. Staying glued for more exciting heartbeats.

– Dear2


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