Gmail chat

This feature can really be a lifesaver when u can’t use MSN in the office. Over the last decade, people have really become more and more connected. Connected by indirect or inpersonal bonds that is the mobile phone and the internet. Nowadays, most modern people can hardly survive a day without his/her mobile phone and also opening up their MSN just to see which of their friends are online.

But what if the company policy or company culture doesn’t allow u to switch on MSN during office hours? Then Gmail comes to the rescue. I know of workplaces where MSN is disallowed, I personally have worked an intern at such a company before. But then, there’s usually no restrictions regarding emails since emails are such an essential part of a company’s operations now. Employees are expected to turn on their favourite email client and tune in to the company intranet email system for all the latest news and gossips anytime they are in the office. However, there’s no restrictions on checking other emails like hotmail, singnet mail, gmail, etc. This is where gmail comes in.

There’s a buddy feature within gmail itself, sorta like a mini MSN within the gmail web client. This buddy list features just the basic requirement of any messenger service, that is text messages. So, as long as ur buddy is also checking their gmail at the same time u r checking ur gmail, u can see each other in the gmail buddy list. And, u can chat. Simple as that. So now, using gmail, u can check ur emails openly without people thinking that u r lofting off and still chat with ur buddies. Good ya? I really wonder if the people behind this gmail service had this idea all along. Perhaps they did. Maybe there’s an unwritten rule within Google that says “128. Thou shalt not use Microsoft products”. That’s why they have to come out with something uniquely Google. Who’s know? But it’s a great feature and it benefits Dear1 and Dear2. It’s a simple service, so dun expect much, yet when u dun expect much, u get so much more in return.



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