Dear2’s New Clothes

Girls like new clothes. What an undeniable fact.  “New clothes are just superficial materials, you don’t have to wear new clothes to feel good about yourself,” the guys may say.  Well, true, new clothes are indeed super-materialistic possesions that girls love to have, that we don’t deny.  But if new clothes can make your girl feel good about herself and feel confident and happy, why not?  Heehee.

Dear2 wore a new piece of top today.  It was a simple T-shirt, like just another one of Dear2’s usual collection of clothes (Dear2 is not one who dares to dress too outstandingly.  Simple is the style)  And because of this simple Tee that cost less than $20, Dear2 had a wonderfully confident day.  Whoppee, all thanks to the new shirt. The most interesting thing about this particular shirt is that, this is Dear1’s monthly sponsor.

Girls like new clothes.  Since understanding about the perferences (and co-preferences) of Martians and Venusians, Dear1 has been regularly sponsoring Dear2 with one new piece of clothe monthly.  And since Dear2’s budget of one item is usually under $25, Dear1’s pocket has only been slighty torched at these monthly spends.  Not too unreasonable. Heehee.

The merries of this indulgence are many.  Firstly, Dear2 feels happy because she has a new piece of clothe.  New clothe => happier mood => happier Dear2 . Secondly, a happy Dear2 cheers Dear1 up as well. Happy Dear2 => Happy Dear1.  And thirdly, happy Dear1 and happy Dear2 livens up the whole atmosphere.  Happy Dear1 + Happy Dear2 => Happy Dear1 and Dear2.  As you can see, what wide influence does a small little piece of new addition to your girl’s wardrobe can bring to a couple’s emotional well-being.

For all guys out there, it’s time to spend* again.  :P

– Dear2

* Disclaimer: Though Dear2 strongly encourage an item a month, the value of the item itself will really depend on one’s earning powers.  Always spend within your means.  What matters is not the value of the gift, but the thought behind it.


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