Where are All the Taxis!?

The taxi-disappearing situation in Singapore is getting worse. It has almost reach an unimaginable unreasonable state. People who tries to hail or call a cab from 10pm to 12 mn will know what I am talking about. Am I seeing ghost taxis driving along our roads, or am I not seeing the existent passengers inside these cabs. Where are all the taxis!!??

Frequent taxi-commuters in town will know how cabs will mysteriously disappear starting from around 9.30 onwards. Suddenly you dun see a single available cab around, only to find them lined up a lonely road, somewhere very near to the busy town area, with drivers out for a smoke or stretch or just adjusting the controls. What the!?

Or if you happen to be in CBD area, the multitude of ‘On Call’ cab simply zoom past your flagging hand. Where are all these cabs going? Are they on their way to pick up the ‘On Call’ passengers, when they received the notice right outside the busy area, on that deserted road?

Seriously, one cannot blame taxi drivers for conducting such unethical practices. Dear2 is not sure what is the charge for ‘On Call’ cabs, but my cab fee from Raffles Place to Jurong is $16, out of which $4 may be the Call Cab charge. What easy money to just wait for someone to call a cab, and earn 25% more revenue from that one trip!

Disappointing is the word to describe such behaviour. Sigh………. Can there be better controls!!!!

– Dear2


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