Vhive office chairs for study room

Last week, the Vhive office chairs were delivered to our new house. There are photos of the chairs in the Flickr sidebar but I haven’t really talked about them yet. It’s the Syntax 32 Executive Hi-Back Half-Leather Chair, Black colour @ $169 each. We bought 2. Wow… U must be thinking how expensive a chair can cost. I agree. However, keep in mind that a study chair can easily be a 10 years’ expense, so it may be worth spending abit more to get something of higher quality.

Let’s look at why we chose this chair. First condition is that, the chair must be non-cloth or non-fabric. This is for easy maintainence. For fabric, they’re easily soiled and can be difficult to clean. Remember, arm chair covers are normally not removable. So the options for us are, plastic, leather (real or fake) and the recently popular bungee cords. Bungee cords are out of the question because they tend to be ‘designer’ items and cost a bomb for their asethetics. Plastic chair are a little hard, but tends to be more cooling. Leather chairs are good and synthetic leather seem to be within budget, but they do trap a bit of heat. These are easy to clean too, just wipe with a damped cloth.

Second condition is that it must have armrests. Chairs are only comfortable if they have armrests, period. Thirdly, they must have rollers. Again, this is for comfort because roller chairs are easy to maneuver while u r actually sitting on it. Coupled with these criterias in mind, we started our shopping. We visited Vhive Megastore over at Taman Jurong because it’s big and Vhive sells a wide variety of office equipments.

Over at Vhive, we tried out many different chairs, from office chairs to dining chairs. We’re looking for study chairs for our study room. After much testing, we decided to go for half-leather chairs of the Syntax series as they fit our bill the best. It was a difficult choice between Syntax 22 and Syntax 32. 22 is abit cheaper @ $149 but it was a bit smaller overall. Dear1 felt more comfortable in the 32 since its bigger and can better capture the body shape. Dear2 was more inclined towards 22 because of the price. After some discussion (note that I used the word discussion), we settled for 2 units of 32 for its comfort and support despite a slightly higher cost. As we went to order the chairs, we were pleasantly surprised that there’s a 5% storewide sale. Yippee!

I think Vhive is a good place to shop for office ware, be it chairs, tables, cupboards. But I think their dining sets are abit over priced. Then again, I’m no expert in dining sets since I bought a Galant study table for dining instead. At least for armchairs, there all soooooooooooooo many choices at Vhive. Our study room is functional now. One more step forward.



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