The Hello Kitty Story

See the Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel in the Flickr sidebar? Those are from the MacDonalds’ Hello Kitty craze in year 2000. Why do I clearly remember its in year 2000? Becos that’s the year I got enlisted for national service (NS).

Back then, Dear1 and Dear2 had been together for only about one and a half years, yet we were on the verge of being pulled apart due to my NS liability. It was a very sad time prior to enlistment becos I’ve heard so many horror stories of girlfriends ditching the boyfriend during NS (even The Hospital has this plotline in its story. Hehe…). Even though both Dear1 and Dear2 loved each other alot, I would say that at that point of time, our relationship hasn’t reached critical stability yet. This separation is going to be a major test for us…

*** Three years ago ***

A few more days and I’m going to NS, so sad. It’s January, when both our birthdays are, such a happy month and yet we’re going to go thru a test of 2yrs 4mths. At least the enlistment date is after my dear’s birthday, at least I get to celebrate birthday with her…

Ringgg… “Hello? Tonight we going to queue up for the MacDonald Hello Kitty, u wanna go?” It is a call from a classmate who is enlisting on the same day as me. Apparently, the bunch of them who’s all enlisting on the same day, decided to do something fun together before going to NS, and that is to chit chat overnight when queueing for Hello Kitty. Giving it a quick thot, this week’s offer is the modern bridal dress Hello Kitty, the most beautiful of the series and I didn’t like the other Chinese wedding, Malay wedding, European wedding, etc, I decided, “Onz!”

I am thinking, a modern bridal dress Hello Kitty would make a great present for Dear2, it signifies my conviction to one day marry my dear. And the Dear Daniel come as a package, so Hello Kitty will never be lonely. What a great gift!

That evening, I went over to my friend’s place after dinner. We play cards until 2am in the morning and decided that it’s time to start the queue. Gathering up all over equipment, straw mat, jacket, water, poker cards, snacks, etc, we set off for MacDonalds’ which is a 3mins walk away. When we arrive, the queueing had already started. “So we were not the first… I underestimated the kiasu-ism of Singaporeans.” I thot. We are able the 25th in line, surely no problem in getting our hands on the Hello Kitty.

The night passed without much commotion. The queue continued to build up neatly behind us and some of the fellow stranger queuers even come to chit chat with us. But alas, the real deal began in the morning leading up to the opening at 7am. At around 6am, we start to see significantly more people streaming in, and cutting the queue. There are shouts in the air, “Oei! Civilized people dun cut queue hor. Dun pretend pretend leh.” This is turning out to be a mob. I am also quite irritated. An bunch of old aunties, about 60 or older, still approach us saying, “Young boys, we’re so old already, let us queue in front of u lah.” -_- Without waiting for our reply, they cut the queue right in front of us. We, being young and unexperienced boys, allowed the aunties to do so. An uncle walk up to me and ask, “So many people queue what?” I was like -_- again. Another kiasu-ism on display, see long queue on the streets must enquire, if worthwhile then join the queue.

Luckily, this was the fourth Hello Kitty set and the MacDonalds’ staff already know how to handle the situation. I think two weeks ago, the mob was so bad that they shattered the glass door of another MacDonalds’ entrance. So this time round, they are giving out queue numbers, and I am quite pleased with this fair and transparent handling of the situation. But then, after so many people cutting queues after 6am, we got queue number 150. Can’t believe it. Nvm, as long as each of us have a queue number means each of us are entitled to two sets of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel.

Once the doors open for business, over the counter transactions are pretty smooth and in less than 30mins, everyone of us got our hands on two sets of Kitties. I’m so happy and excited. Immediately, I set off to Dear2’s house to give her this present and to share a MacDonalds’ breakfast together on an early Thursday afternoon.


In case u r wondering, the other set of Hello Kitty went to my sister. Anyway, since that day, Dear2’s Hello Kitty has never been unpacked from its plastic bag, that’s why it’s still white colour now. Looking at the Hello Kitty in our new house’s display shelf really reminds me of how Dear1 and Dear2 ride over all the turbulent waves all these years. Each item in our display shelf is a piece of wonderful memory in our courtship. I like to be able to look at each item and reminisce with Dear2 our thots and feelings during that time. And we will continue to fill these shelves with more memories, memories long past, memories yet to be made. And each time these shelves become full, we’ll bring in more shelves and I see countless more coming in.



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