Good Value Buys at Watsons

Dear2 never believe in buying a product when you need it most.  (Hmm… That sounds like insurance talk – buy insurance when you don’t need it, cos when you need it, you may not be able to buy anymore.  You know what I mean?) Anyway, this statement applies more especially to daily consumables like cosmetics, daily essential items, clothes and many more.  This aspect become even more crucial after Dear1 and Dear2 set up our own family accounting; Dear2 is still very sore about having to pay $38 per month for nothing – the Service and Conservancy Charge.  Probably I’ll talk about that the next time round.  That aside, when your shampoo and coffee powder and telephone bills become your wallet’s responsibility, and not your parents’ anymore, you’ll better appreciate what I mean.  Heehee…

Dear1 and Dear2 has always been prudent in our expenditure, so this prudent nature extends into our shopping for daily necessities as well.  For instance, Dear2 has been very reluctant to spend $6.90 for a Dove conditioner, and would rather pop into NTUC/ Shop N Save/ Carrefour/ Watsons/ Guardian at every chance just to see if there’s any promotion going on for this item.  Too bad, there hasn’t been any for a while already, so Dear2 will continue to drag Dear1 into the shampoo section everytime we go shopping. (poor Dear1, but Dear2 is so happy to have such a supportive Dear1.  Gee…)

Over the last week, Dear2 saw some good deals going on at Watsons – Twin pack Redoxon 60 Tablets Vitamin C going at $19/ twin pack, when the original price of 1 box is between $11.60 to $11.80, look like a good buy.  And Maybelline compact powder is going at $19 per box, even cheaper than if I manage to get it at a 20% storewide sale at the leading departmental stores.  Lastly, Free & Free Damage Hair Repair Aid is going at $14.25 for 2, pretty substantial savings compared to the usual $9.50 per bottle.  Heehee, seems like all the above mentioned offers are really good offers, no wonder Dear2 was convinced by Dear1 to get 2 of each product.  Just to store up.  Haha…

Promotions are good for the retailers, cos they induce the shopping spree. And promotions are good for the consumers, cos they help to save some cents which results into dollars.  Haha.

– Dear2


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