Me and My Electric Toothbrush

Dear2’s brother won a Braun electric toothbrush some time back, and gave it to me since he doesn’t have a use for it.  From then on,I’ve got no regrets using this electric toothbrush!

The human gum and teeth is structured in a very weird manner, you’ve got 2-dimensional teeth right in front, and you’ve got 3-dimensional ones way at the back.  The teeth at the front becomes easy to reach and clean, but those with tops-and-sides-and-sides become so damn hard to reach that you’ll just give up.  No wonder a simple item like a toothbrush can be so improvished by Oral B to come up with the most functional toothbrush.

The problem arises when the food gathers at the back of your teeth.  The stuck food then decays and bacteria growth becomes manisfested.  Your mouth becomes a perpetual breeding ground for such bacteria when you realise that you start having bad breath.  Very soon, the gums start to give warning alarms.  Time to bruch your teeth properly!

An electric toothbrush then becomes a very handy tool to have.  Moving at a speed which the human hand will feel fatigue easily, the electric toothbrush is able to dislodge persistent dirt and grit to leave your mouth clear of decaying food.  Plus with it’s minute brush piece to reach into the hard to reach crevices, top-and-side-and-side, your mouth is left feeling clean and fresh.

For all those who fear of bad breath, perhaps it’s time to invest in an electric toothbrush.

– Dear2


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