Cost of a meal at Techno Edge

Today, we shall take a look at some of the equations governing the sale of lunch over at Techno Edge, or otherwise known as Engin Canteen. Let us first focus on the mixed vegetable stall that is located at the right most corner of the main foyer. Here are the equations:

r + 3v = $1.60; r + 2v + m = $2; r + v + m = $1.60; r + 4v + d = $2.00; r + 2m + e = $2.00 where r stands for rice, v stands for vegetable, m stands for meat, d stands for dabao or takeaway and e stands for extra rice.

Now, with 5 equations and 5 unknowns, this set of linear equations can easily be solved. The answer turns out to be r = $0.40, v = $0.40, m = $0.80, d = $0.00 and e = $0.00. From these observations, we conclude that there is no difference in price whether one is eating in or taking away. And surprisingly, ordering extra rice comes at no extra charges. This can be explained by the high penetration rate of Chinese people in the faculty of engineering. Chinese, coming from a country of rich food culture, tends to develop a higher propensity for nutrient intake compared to locals here. In addition, their changing seasons requires many to increase their intake of food during the cold winter period as a means of generating heat for the body. These reasons prompted the stall owner to offer a larger serving of meals in the form of e = $0.00 in order to lure patrons with bigger appetites. Incidently, locals with similiarly large capacity for consumption also benefited as a side effect.

It is also interesting to note that m = 2v which implies that one portion of meat holds an identical economic value to two portions of vegetable. This may be due to the high labour and logistic cost, for example freezing of meat, involved in bringing raw meat from a farm to the stall premises. Such a relationship may turn out to be a blessing for vegetarians or vegetablians as proven by the equations r + 3v + e = $1.60. A person taking 3 portions of vegetable with extra rice is paying $0.40 lesser than one taking 2 portions of meat with extra rice, i.e., r + 2m + e = $2.00. As such, one can conclude that the solution r + 3v + e completely dominates the solution of r + 2m + e under the multiobjective optimization of maximizing portion and minimizing cost. However, this analysis fails to take into account the a person’s natural affinity towards meat products. The feasibility of such an extension shall form the core of our future research in this area.

In this discussion, we have briefly examined the dynamics of lunching at the chinese mixed vegetable rice stall at Techno Edge. We hope that the readers will now be better informed when having a meal at Engin Canteen.



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