UOB Wedding Show

What better way than to spend the Sunday afternoon at a wedding show?  That’s what Dear1 and Dear2 both thought.  Hence we decided to sign up for the UOB Card Wedding Show for this afternoon.  Altogether, think there were about 3 different shows organised by UOB this season, and Dear1 and Dear2 signed up for the Swissotel Merchant Court one, cos this sounds like a probable place that we might want to hold our banquet at.

Registration starts at 1pm, and the event is expected to end at 5pm.  A 4 hour showcase, so there should be something worthwhile to take back, for the $20 fee we paid as cardholders.  (And I’m talking about getting more ideas about what Swissotel has to offer)  Alas, eager couples were left waiting for 1hr 15 min before the emcee finally appeared at 2.15.  Ok, fine… The first item was a presentation by a holiday planner.  Cruise at Alaska or a 3 week scenic Europe tour.  Looks like the perfect holiday plan for retirees, people who can afford to take that kind of time off work just to go for a long long holiday.  The presenter had the same thinking as Dear2 obviously, cos she had to hurriedly clarify that this sort of trip is really not meant for retirees.  There’s an increasing thrend of honeymooners going for such trips.  Duh.

Next on the itinery, gowns showcase by Satine.  Seriously, Dear2 always believe that for such public appearances by retailers, you have better bring out ALL the best that you have.  How often does a retailer get to showcase his products to so many POTENTIAL buyers all at one go?  But…. The gowns that were displayed looked passe… Leftovers maybe?  Duh.

Next, is high tea reception time.  The menu – high tea lor.  After the snaking snaking queue, Dear1 and Dear2 finally had the chance to enjoy the high tea.  The food was not bad, but… what about sampling the culinary skills that one can expect out of signing the wedding package?

Next on the list will be a lucky draw, but Dear1 and Dear2 didn’t even bother to stay for that.

It’s the first time that Dear1 and Dear2 attended such wedding shows, and there’ll surely be more to come.  If the next wedding show is gonna be of such standard again, I’ll rather stay at home and do my online research rather than taking the effort to attend such wedding shows again.

– Dear2


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