First post from new house

This is the first post from our new house. Hohohoho… Since we successfully set up internet connection in our new house, we still dun have time to properly use it yet. Today, Dear1 and Dear2 are here in our new house on one of our ‘chalet’ trips. Really very homely here now that majority of the equippage are up. We even switched on the fridge, so now we can have an icy cold drink any time. Of course, that also meant we can buy cakes and chocolate and ice cream to store in the fridge. Yum yum.

Although the internet connection is up and running, funnily, the fixed line isn’t working. The other day, we bought an okay-looking telephone for $11.90 from Sheng Siong Supermarket for our new place. But when we plug it in, there’s no dial tone. Weird. After testing the 2 telephone plugs in our place, it’s still not working. Swapping the connection cable doesn’t help either. Since the Singtel man had already visited our place to do the line testing and everything is fine, I first suspected that the telephone itself is a faulty unit. That night, I brought the faulty telephone to my existing place and decided to give it a second chance. Surprisingly, it worked! So it’s the line problem and not the telephone problem. Looks like we have to ring up Singtel to ask their technician to come down here again.



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