Sweetheart Confectionary

Sweetheart Confectionary (I’m not sure if this is the actual name) is a chain of bread store in Singapore. They used to have a branch over at Clementi central and Dear1 would always get something from there before heading to school. I especially remember the time during my second year where I’m faced with 7 hours straight of lectures and tutorials, from 10am-5pm on Tuesdays. Totally no breaks. During that time, I would always buy a pack of 4 red bean buns or cheese buns from Sweetheart and that would last me the day’s lunch. Sadly, it closed down, for a reason unknown to me. I do not believe it is poor business becos their bread were pretty tasty.

Luckily for Dear1 and Dear2, there’s a branch of the Sweetheart stores right here in Bukit Batok. Haha… However, I dun always purchase the red bean bun from this store. Instead, I always always always buy the value-for-money 12 donut balls for $1. Gee… It’s donut ball, not donut ring! Each donut ball is about 3-4cm in diameter subjected to the dough maker’s mood. :D But it’s still very worthwhile, imagine less than 10cents per donut ball. Wow! Dear1 and Dear2 will be ordering this tasty donut balls to treat our friends. Yum.

Also, there’s the 4-in-1-pack coconut bun, also called ya-bao. ‘Ya’ is coconut in dialect, and ‘bao’ is bun in dialect. For some reason, Dear1’s parents liked that ya-bao a lot, even before we bought our house. Haha… So now, they will always buy 1 ya-bao home whenever they ‘pass by’ our place. Or sometimes, I will conveniently buy a ya-bao home if I’m returning home from one of my chalet trips. Well, I personally think the ya-bao is quite delicious too, juicy enough, but not overflowing. The bread is also soft and fluffy but not soaked with coconut juicies. And all for the reasonable price of $1. Hehe… This really is a store for cheap and good food yo!

We get our daily breakfast from there whenever possible. Of course there are other bread shops within the vicinity but by far, Dear1 and Dear2 are most satisfied with Sweetheart’s price and taste. Therefore, Sweetheart is the only non-dominated local optimal solution under the objectives of minimizing cost and maximizing taste. :D



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