Eat That Frog

Some time ago, Dear2 came across this book “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy. It is a simple book, a handy book with 21 (if I didn’t remember wrongly) short passages and pointers on project management. Just exactly the kind of tips and skills that is so esssential in today’s fastpaced society.

How often have you felt bogged down by the seemingly never-ending tasks to do, be it in your work life, personal life or social life? The challenge was even more daunting when Dear1 and Dear2 were doing up the house. Apart from our daily work, Dear1 and Dear2 had to slot time to source out contractors, furniture, household equippage, furnishing and now, groceries and all the household essentials. It has come to a point in time when Dear2 almost felt maxed out.

Then suddenly, Dear2 remembered this phrase “eat one frog at a time” by the book. Ah… What happened to the theories that I thought were so applicable and powerful? Let’s do a recap of the theories and see what we can make use of them.

(1) Eat one frog at a time – Meaning, complete doing the one task first, then move on to the next one.

(2) Queue the frogs – How often have frogs jumped queue? Very often. And do you wanna allow these frogs to cut the queue, especially when another frog was right in the midst of being processed? Nope. So, queue the frogs and process them one by one. Always remember point (1).

(3) Prioritise the frogs – Some frogs are more important than the rest, so know what are your priorities. Many a times, priorities correlate with one’s duties and responsibilities, so it is important to clearly know your duties first.

(4) Clear the distractions – Humans tend to be easilty disturbed by other external factors, like telephone ringing, emails etc. To complete the task in the most efficient way, clear all distractions while you work. Check emails at regular times (eg in the morning and after lunch) and return calls after you complete the task.

(5) Eat the ugliest frog first – We tend to avoid doing the most difficult task, and will focus on doing the simpler to manage ones. But at the back of your mind, you know that this unaccomplished task (difficult yet important) is nagging you the whole day. This in turn affect your mood and productivity. Finish up the most difficult task first, no matter how reluctant you are, and you will find it easier to breathe after that.

(6) Eat each frog mouthful by mouthful – Just like eating a meal, you don’t expect to gobble up the meal in one mouthful. So, tackle each portion bit by bit, and suddenly, you will realise that the whole frog is inside you stomach. Mission accomplished!

As of any thoeries, these are just words unless you put them to application. Apply them!

– Dear2


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