Exhausted from housewarming

Wah… today really really tired. These 2 days have been really really tiring. Dear1 and Dear2 had our housewarming party this weekend. Never really expected organizing a house event can be so tiring. Now my feet are really swelling from standing the whole day. Dear2 complained of aching feet and calf too. Phew… Just glad we could finally take a break now.

Both Dear1 and Dear2 wanted to invite our friends and relatives over to our new place for a small gathering. But since we have so many people in mind but our house is so small, so we decided to split the events into 2 days, one for each dear. Gee…

Actually, the housewarming event itself was really fun. We get to see so many friends whom we may not have the time to meet up with during our regular working schedules. We chat, eat, drink (packet drinks, no alcohol) and eat some more. Haha… Dear1 and Dear2 made sure we catered enough food to make all our guest full to the brim. Even one of Dear1’s friend with the biggest appetite can go for second, third, fourth and even fifth round. At the end of the day, many still dabao the food home for dinner. Our catered food received good reviews from all our guests, we shall talk more about the caterer in a later post.

Now, the really tiring thing comes right after the last guest leaves. And that’s the cleaning up. We have to clean up all the excess food, clear the trash and move all the furniture back to their original positions. Not only that, there’s a lot of washing and wiping to be done, especially the food areas where it tends to be greasy and requires multiple cleaning. Oh, the walls, there are so many handprints and smudge marks on the walls, luckily, they can be washed off when a damped cloth. Finally, there’s the floor. You’ll be surprised at the amount of dust and hair accumulated from a gathering of friends. That’s why, at the end of both days, Dear1 and Dear2 spend a good amount of time, and strength, sweeping and mopping the floor. Boy are we glad that we have a small floor area now. Haha… :P

It’s late, it’s time to let Dear1 and Dear2 take a good rest at our new home. Goodnight.



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