Hanging clothes out to dry

Clothes that are dried in the sun smells fresher and feels better too. That’s why it is important to hang your newly washed clothes outside to dry when the weather is good, like this morning. But we dun have a washing machine yet, so we can’t wash alot of things. Instead, we decided to wash the 2 pieces of floor towels placed at the entrance of the toilets. These floor towels are getting rather dirty from soaking all the wet feet coming out of the toilet.

After washing and hanging the floor towels out to dry, we decided to visit IMM to do a little Sunday shopping. After spending about 2.5 hours in IMM, we decided to set off for home, but to our horror, it’s pouring outside. It’s a big big rain. That meant our towels that were hanging out to dry are going to be all wet! Weather in Singapore sometimes really changes without warning. But luckily, the only items out for drying are the 2 floor towels. But that’s the least of our worries.

The major problem is the tek-ko holder. Each flat has 6 of these tek-ko holders where u can insert the tek-ko to hang dry your clothes. Now, the problem is, these holders have no way of draining its interior should water be trapped inside. In fact, one of the main problems caused by these poorly design tek-ko holders is that they trap rain water which in turn become breeder grounds for mosquitoes. Hence, we bought these plastic covers to cup over the tek-ko holders to prevent rain water from collecting inside. But then, we still need to open up the covers when we need to hang the clothes out to dry. Now that it is raining, our main concern is the water that’s going to be trapped in these tek-ko holders. There is no way of draining them, only can wait for the water to evaporate, and that means leaving the covers open, and that means risking more rain water getting trapped if we happen to be out on a rainy day again. If we dun drain the water, its going to seep through the concrete base and leak out from the interior walls of the house instead. All these are happening due to the poor design of the tek-ko holders. Sigh… Didn’t the builders foresee these problems? -_-”

We tried to use some kitchen towels to soak up as much water as we could before covering the holders back. Just have to open them up again on a sunny day to dry it up completely. Not going to risk more rain water going in while we’re sleeping or going out again. Perhaps there’s a solution to suck out or pump out the trapped water on the market, just have to keep a look out for these handy household devices when we go shopping.



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