Time for a Hair Cut

You know when it’s time for a hair cut when you start to tie your hair up.  And that doesn’t only applies to ladies. 

Unknowingly, Dear2 has started to tie her hair up since the past few weeks.  Initially, I thought that that was either due to hot weather, or that Dear2 just doesn’t want the hair to get in the way of work.  But when a colleague of mine out of the blue shaved his head, it suddenly dawned upon me that, ya, the hair is in need of some urgent treatment.  (btw, this MALE colleague originally had shoulder long hair which he recently bundled over with a hair band. And the next thing we know, he becomes a ‘monk’!)

Thinking back, there were other tell-tale signs that Dear2’s hair is indeed getting long.  The seemingly every-few-days headache (from tied ponytail or simply the pulling back of this extra weight), the fringe that just doesn’t look nice no matter how you pin it (how did I achieve that look the last time??), the dun-care-if-it’s-ugly attitude, all these already suggest that a hair cut is long overdue.

All right, I shall say goodbye to my 5 months old curls and keep my fingers crossed that the new hairstyle turns out well. 

– Dear2


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