Grapeseed Glossing Serum

When I was in JC, I used to apply oliver oil on the hair so as to smooth down the fizzy hair.  Then, I discovered such a thing as hair conditioner – no more oily hair feeling after that and easy to use.  Oliver oil became a thing of the past, and it was conditioner1, conditoner2, conditioner3…

As I kept my hair longer, the usage on conditioner also got faster.  At ~$10 per bottle, that was an expensive daily essential for long haired girls like me.  I decided to use sparingly, and so does the return of the fizziness.

A group of friends of mine are huge supporter of beauty care products.  What SKII, what Lancome etc, mention any brand and they would sure have at least 1 bottle on their dressing shelves.  The thrifty me was eventually ‘polluted’ a little – I have 2 bottles of The Body Shop products on my table!  Lucky (really, unlucky) for me, I have sensitive skin, so products that are go on the face will undergo extreme thought before I decide the purchase.  Not many products pass this test, cos past experience tells me not to waste that minimum $30 on a product which will likely conflict with my skin.  That leaves the hair.

Apart from the Hi-Shine Conditioner Mist and Grapeseed Glossing Serum, there’s Sculpting Lotion, Free&Free Damage Aid and Wax on my table as well.  Not to mention those that were thrown or given away cos I simply don’s use at all.  Sad thing is, only the Glossing Serum gets packed into my bag daily.  Small and good, this has become a daily essential that prepares me to meet people everyday.  At $24.90 per bottle, I’m really hoping that it dosen’t run out soon.   Light on the hair (of course provided that you don’t use like it’s free), it works wonder to tame fizzy hair into oily (looking) hair.  A good buy.

– Dear2


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