Dust from the neighbours

I dun remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I felt that our house gets dusty pretty quickly. I wondered where does all this dust come from… The nearest light industry in Bt Batok is a good 1km away, did it come from there? Does dust fly 1km carried by the wind? Maybe.

I was looking for where the dust may have entered the house. And seems like there are 2 possible entry points. First is from the gap below the main door. Upon closer examination, it is observed that a strong gust of wind is constantly blowing in from under the main door when it is closed, thereby bringing in lots of dust. Second is from the louver windows. Unlike sliding windows, there is no way to absolutely shut louver windows air tight, so that’s another entry point for the dust. And both the door and the window face the corridor, so that also concludes the direction from which the dust originate.

Next, I examined the dust itself to get a better idea of how to prevent them. There are basically three types of dust found in the house (excludes hair). The first type of dust is a white-ish looking, fibre-like dust particles that tend to clump together. I’m suspecting this dust comes from the new sofa and mattress. Hopefully, after some months of use and washing of the bedsheets and sofa covers, this fibre-like dust will reduce. The second type is just regular dust-like dust, I dunno how else to describe them. They’re probably just everyday dust floating around in the air and available at any home around the world. Now, the third type of dust is the one that really irritates me and yet I can do nothing about. It’s burnt ash dust.

Just the other day, Dear2 wiped out study tables and cleaned off this layer of black soot-like material. I recalled witnessing our next door neighbour burning joss paper previous, probably for religious reasons. Yesterday, upon catching the scent of burning joss, I quickly took the pretense of bringing in my shoes to go outside the house to confirm the culprit of the burning. I turned my head to the right, the neighbour is not there. I turned my head to the left, OMG! My left side neighbour is equally religious and burning joss paper. Now, there’s two neighbours burning and creating ash dust and there’s nothing I can do about it. At the end of the day, I still gotta respect my neighbours.

Now, I’m thinking of solutions. For one, I think it is possible to put a rag just below the door to seal up the gap and block out the dust. For the windows, I’m considering getting some form of curtains or blinds to prevent the ash from free flying into the house. Maybe this would mean the curtain getting dirty quickly, but at least the problem can be contained and localised. Meanwhile, keep thinking of better solutions.



One thought on “Dust from the neighbours

  1. *Update* There are 8 HDB units on my level. Excluding myself, an Indian house and a Malay house, there’s 5 other units remaining. Out of these 5 units, I’ve just realized 4 of them burns joss paper regularly. -_-”


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