A Story by Dear1 and Dear2

Dear1 and Dear2 are out of inspiration as to what to post, hence we shall play a game. The game involves Dear1 and Dear2 writing a sentence alternately to complete a story. Dear1 and Dear2 shall not amend each other’s sentences. This way, the unique writing style of Dear1 and Dear2 can be seen in each sentence. Or, Dear1 and Dear2 may end up influencing each other’s style of writing. If u haven’t notice, the game had already started from the first sentence. Can u tell which sentence is Dear1’s and which is Dear2’s?

Several weeks ago, Dear1 and Dear2 were shopping at the town centre near our house. (Hmm… What does Dear1 wants to talk about…?) (I set the venue of the story for Dear2 to continue mah.) Dear1 and Dear2 bought a dustbin for the kitchen. The dustbin is black in colour. For some reasons that Dear2 totally cannot comprehend, Dear1 simply doesn’t like to shop for dustbins and the like. But Dear1 still willingly accompany Dear2 for these shopping trips. To cut the long story short, each Dear has different roles and responsibilities around the house. However, each Dear cannot be selfish and only do his/her own things, but must also help and support each other in every way. We will strive to create a family culture where we share all the chores. Nevertheless, each Dear will definitely be better at some chores than at other chores. (Haha, if u notice in the past 6 sentences, Dear1 seems to be trying to justify something with all the ‘but’, ‘however’, ‘nevertheless’…) (Huhuhu…)

Ok, that’s all for today. (I think this story is a bit short.) Stay tuned for daily posts by Dear1 and Dear2. See u again.

-Dear1 and Dear2


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