Let’s continue with the story

I feel that yesterday’s story is a bit short and a bit off the topic. Hence, Dear1 and Dear2 shall continue or attempt to start the story proper today. Picking up from where we left off yesterday, Dear1 and Dear2 were shopping at the town centre near our home.

Dear1 and Dear2 choose to stay very near to the neighbour town centre. There are many kopitiams around and many stalls that earned awards from those delicious food variety shows on Tv. And because of this close proximity to food (cooked and uncooked), Dear2 seriously suspects that Dear1 and Dear2 will put on a lot of weight if we don’t keep it under control. Other then yummy local delicacies, there are also fastfood outlets such as MacDonalds and KFC here.

The only bad thing about our neighbourhood is the cleanliness level. The corridors and the staircases tend to be stained and dirty. Even the market’s corridors are unsightly and lined with debris everywhere. Furthermore, the residents here seem to have a habit of throwing unwanted things along the corridors or life landings instead of properly bringing them to the local rubbish house. Not talking about people, Dear2 expects at least some clean common areas for that $38 Service & Conservancy Charges that we pay every month, but which we don’t see at all!

Since staying here, Dear1 and Dear2 realized that there at many small but essential household items, like hangers, dustbin, clothes peg, sink filter, scissors, can opener, feet drying cloth, etc, to buy. I guess that’s part and parcel of running a household – many many small and nitty gritty affairs to maintain. Luckily, there are a number of shops (sometimes also call houseware shops) selling these essential items right at the town centre. Dear1 and Dear2 has been frequently patronizing these stalls ever since we got our place – oh, broke! Unknowingly, we have spent a few hundred dollars there, I guess small spendings really do build up.

Ok, hope that today’s story sounds more like a story. Hmm… actually it sounds more like an account of our lives than a story. Tata.

-Dear1 and Dear2


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