Dear2 was commenting a few weeks back about reviewing our new year resolutions. Again, things crop up such that we’ve never gotten down to looking at it since we talked about it. Reading through Dear1’s post about the maturing blogger, how this simple constant documentation can document out the change in a person’s style of writing/ changes in circumstances/ state of mind etc, makes me see some light again.

Reviewing my new year resolutions: Yes, I do remember having to exercise once a week. Remember (but no chance to doing it) is the word. Yes, Now I do recall wanting to go for a facial this year. Oh, we wanted to decide on the wedding banquet by end of this year, gotto really actively hunt for sources. Oh, I did want to get myself a saving/ insurance plan before turning 1 year older again next year. Ohhh… I wanted to learn cooking; luckily Dear1 and Dear2 have started to practice our culinary skills through the super-salty vege, mushy potato with beans, and keeps-getting-better potato porridge. And lastly, did I even want myself to remain positive everyday!?

The complexities with working with various kinds of people recently has been bringing Dear2 down for some time. Many a times, the perception about a person or a thing results in you reacting different from what you would normally have bahaved. That’s what I call ‘Mindset’. With a negative mindset, there tends to be more self doubts. Conversely, if the mindset is positive, the result will be more desirable. Positism!

Do you see a half full or half empty glass?

– Dear2


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