Spam is something we encounter all the time, even before the time of the Internet. Think of all the little pieces of paper in ur house’s physical mailbox. Most of them are from real estate agents and all of them are unwanted. Spam. In fact, any unsolicited content can be considered spam. Even parents’ nagging. Have anyone ever thought of it this way before? Nagging is truly a form of spaming as well, in this instance, verbal spam.

Now, what about Tv commercials? This one is a little subjective, some may call it spam, some may not. For me, I generally enjoyed the artistic value in Tv commercials, as least for those companies that bothered to spend more on a well made commercial. I especially liked those commercials that have a short story to it and several consecutive commercials keep the story developing. One of them is the Gundam Seed commercials in Japan, which can be found on youtube. Search for “gundam cm”. Another notable one more recently is the Get a Mac commercials, which can be found on their website, or simple search ‘get a mac ad’.

The next form of spaming is probably one of the most common, email spam. We get these everyday. And I do consider emails from friends spam too. Especially when they send uninteresting chain letters and fake investment opportunities. Other more obvious spams from unknown senders are usually well handled by the built in spam control.

Spyware and malware is another big source of spamming. And internet browser pop ups as well. My take on this is, dun anyhow install programs. Even when u think a program is good, spend some research time on the internet and look at what other users are saying. If many ppl are complaining of spyware, then it’s probably true. Avoid at all cost. Spywares are easy to install, impossible to uninstall. Internet pop up wise, just use Firefox with Adblock Plus extension, simple.

Blogs also have spams, and these some in the form of spam comments. And the usual suspects are here. Comments selling medicine, insurance, credit cards, porn, etc. And this happens everywhere comments are allowed. Recently, youtube has become so loaded with spam comments that I dun even read the comments anymore. Luckily, this blog is only receiving about 20 spam comments a day, still managable. There’s also an automatic program called Akismet that helps me filter them out. Normally, I will go thru the spam list before deleting just to make sure the program did not misclassify any. But as this list gets bigger, next time I’ll just delete whatever the program caught. So when writing comments, please write in an intelligent, non-robotic way k.



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